Web Development Services

Our web development services provide bespoke solutions that deliver robust and reliable outcomes, coupled with easy usability and great design. If clients require a website they can update regularly, we create a specific content management system (CMS) for them. For websites where content remains constant over a long time, we offer a static system with timely content updates on a client's request.

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The Development Process

By splitting a single big application into multiple micro services, development occurs seamlessly within an agile work flow, without bottle-necking. Services will usually communicate with each other using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which allows the same back-end server to communicate with multiple web, IOS and Android front-ends.

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Front-end Development

Our in-house designers create stunning websites and online systems with great UI and UX. JavaScript enables us to create engaging user experiences for our single page (SPA) and multi-page applications (MPA) by moving some of the business logic to the front-end. Service workers have made it possible for us to create website that users can install on supported devices. These progressive web apps enhance the user’s experience because they can launch the website as an app from their device.

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Back-end Development

Most of our back-end services are built using PHP, which has an established and comprehensive feature set supported by a strong open-source community. When PHP is not suited for a project, our team will reach for languages such as JavaScript or Go.

For applications that need to be highly structured, we will use a SQL database such is MariaDB/MySQL. These enable us to extract reports and analyse data using a simple querying language. If the application has an evolving or unclear spec at the start of development, we use a NoSQL database because data models can be adjusted without the overhead of restructuring database tables.

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WildWeb has mutiple web servers - located locally (South Africa) and internationally (Germany). We guarantee 99% uptime and offer close support to our clients. What's more, our email and web stat solutions give you real insight into how your website is performing.


We’ve worked with many happy clients over the last 20 years, and would love to partner with you on your online journey. Get in touch with us via the enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you!