A brand-spanking new safari camp

Last year saw a much-needed website redesign to one of our longest standing clients – Rhino River Lodge. After years of planning and red tape, the always ambitious owners Shannon and Dale Airton proudly announced their latest venture, Rhino Sands Safari Camp , an exclusive new luxury tented lodge within the Manyoni Private Game Reserve. A new lodge needs a new website, naturally we were called in.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced when building the site was imagery – or the lack of it. The new lodge was still being built and nowhere near being ready yet. I needed to start the site design so Claire and Paul, our resident photographers, went to shoot the lodge but with the place still very much under construction. Although we didn’t have a whole lot to work with, we made do with what was available and I was able to knock out a great design which everyone was happy with.

Cutting it close

A week before our ‘end of the week’ deadline, Claire went back to the lodge as the furniture was now in place and overall construction much closer to being finished. She began shooting on Sunday and by Tuesday we were still without final content and images for the site, so our designer, Shannon, drove up to the lodge. By this time Claire was done with her shoot and was on her way back to Durban to edit the photos.

Shannon had a few meetings with the owner, Shannon, discussing the plan for the site and content we still required. He spent the night at Rhino River Lodge and drove back to Durban the following morning. With only three days before we go live, we had our work cut out for us!

He arduously worked on getting the site completed by the end of the week. Claire’s photos were incredible which really made building the rest of the site a bit easier. Content was supplied and the finished product was absolutely stunning!

A job well done! At the end, it was a tremendous group effort by Claire and both Shannons.”

Another satisfied client

Shannon was very pleased and was very appreciative and gracious: “Seriously well-done Shannon. I am beyond impressed. Not just that we could go live so fast but that we were able to do it and still be over the moon happy about the design and finished product. Thank you so much for your hard work, I do know it wasn’t easy. Enjoy your well-deserved leave next week. Thanks a million! It’s a flippin’ awesome site!”