Digital Marketing 101

Rhino River Lodge needed to break into the busy Hluhluwe safari lodge market. Our digital marketing put them on the map!

Rhino River Lodge Case Study

Rhino River Lodge is a KZN safari haven and one of our absolute favourite local lodges. We can often be found daydreaming behind our laptop screens about GnT’s on the deck and Big 5 game drives through the wilderness that makes up our provinces back garden. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough break out of dreamland and visit the lodge ourselves to live that safari life.

Our part

We feel that there is nothing better than a safari holiday and we put so much love and voomah into promoting and exposing Rhino River Lodge as one of the best destinations. Our digital marketing efforts over the last few years have helped put the lodge on the Hluhuwe region map in the eyes of potential guests and introduced it to its ideal market. And the stats keep improving, showing that we are doing our thing well and loving it.

Over the last year we have achieved a 48% increase in unique web visits to the Rhino River Lodge site, accompanied by a very respectable bounce rate for the industry. This shows us that through our efforts we are exposing the lodge to more and more relevant individuals, constantly growing the interest in the lodge and in turn aiding the conversions of that interest to bookings.

How we did it

We show it like it is... magical... and they come running. Just like we would.

We share real experience-based content with the right audiences, showing off the wonderful sightings, activities and comforts waiting for guests there. Through social media reach, partnerships, industry engagement, online advertising and more we get travellers just as eager as we are to experience and revel in Africa’s sunset-soaked settings and wonder there. We’re always looking for new and innovative exposure opportunities to use as a platform to showcase the lodge on.

Why we're smiling

We live and breathe African travel content and love to share it with others. If we can inspire a handful of people a day to get packing for a stay at Zululand’s treasured Rhino River Lodge through sharing the true experience there we can toast that sunset happily. And we do.

Rhino River Lodge

Challenges & Tackling them

There have been a trying times to overcome, of course. Some of the challenges in marketing one of South Africa’s wildest and most wonderful lodges are ones familiar to the travel industry and we take them on as they come along.

We’ve responded to increased competition by other lodges by upping our game and expanding into new playing fields in the digital space to make sure Rhino River Lodge is still getting the best and most relevant exposure. We encourage travel blogger visits, use fantastic ranger wildlife photography, contribute content to top online publications like Africa Geographic to keep things fresh and offer prizes in popular travel initiatives to get our name out there. We refresh our paid advertising initiatives constantly keeping up with technology trends and source the most effective advertising spaces on local and international travel sites.

Seasonal trends in the travel industry and in Rhino River Lodge’s history affect how we strategise to capatalise on popular visitor times of year and plan to lure more interest in over the quiet times.