The challenge

1st of December, 2015 Proflight Zambia, swung the champagne bottle onto their new website. Proflight Zambia is an airline based in Lusaka, Zambia that serves the business community and tourism industry, and after 20 years of service they have forged an awesome operation, linking key, out of the way destinations, around Southern Africa, to international airports. We have worked closely with proflight for some years now, and building a new website, on top of what we have achieved together over the past few years, was an exciting challenge for us.

"In the middle of 2015 Proflight took the decision to invest in a new web site; We wanted a new, modern look and feel but to simplify the website's navigation and present information in a clear and accessible way", said Proflight's John Dawson, when asked for a few words to encapsulate what Proflight were expected from WildWeb.

A big push was to bring their full web offering to their mobile audience. "Over the past couple of years we've also noticed an increase in the number of users who access the website on a mobile device and a sophisticated responsive design was going to be important for us", John mentions.

The solution

After careful thought and consideration, together with Proflight, we mapped out a wireframe and look, which was meticulously polished to the final product that you see today. In the end we acheived a fresh look and feel, complimented with a hanger-load of applications, wrapped in a user friendly, practical design. And the key is that it is all functionally accessable on you desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Key Features

Encompasing Responsive Design:
Proflights's previous website was not responsive. If you logged on with a smartphone, you would have been directed to a slimmed down mobile friendly website, offering only select content and features. The responsive nature of the new website trumps by not discriminating, depending on how many pixels your screen has. Proflight's web content and applications are all inclusive, on all screen widths.

GEO IP Tracking:
We plugged in a GEO lookup. This is the ability to detect where a visitor is logging on to the website from, using their IP address. The new site uses this to presemt them with tailored content that is targeting their marke. For example, if a Zambian, or South African IP is detected we are able to feature fares, currencies, specials and information respective to their region's specifc routes.

Dynamic Flight Schedules and Online Ticket Management:
We know that organising your travelling can be a chore. With the new site we have made it more convenient, and less stressful, for Proflight's passengers to look for available flights, make online bookings and generally interact with Proflight's Mbasela Club (Frequent-Flyer programme).

Checking for available flights is now a sinch. Flight Information and Flight Timetables are a key feature of the new site. This is one of the more dynamic and useful tools in Proflight's online armoury. Here, passengers can check out "Today and Tomorrow's" flights, and refine it by drilling down to particular route, or they can flip across to the scheduled flights in the Direct Flight Timetable. Once a flight is targeted the online booking tabs are waiting to help you book your flights, check in, or manage your tickets.

Mbasela Club's Frequent Flyer Programme:
Proflight's Mbasela Club members will be thrilled with the new web offering. The Frequent Flyer programme has been boosted significantly with a whole section dedicated to their needs. We have simplified the accesses to their useful applications and print temporary membership cards or shooting off a missing miles or flight claim is easier than ever.

The end is NOT Neigh.

Although this is a large milestone, we have a few more smaller projects on the boil, for Proflight, which will be launched in the new future. "In the next few months Proflight will be doing its part in promoting Zambian Tourism by featuring information and offers from hotels, lodges, safari camps, etc," mentions John Dawson. "WildWeb has always been a supportive partner offering advice, guidance and always ready to think outside the box’ and the result is a world class website".