Sitting pretty, up in the cloud

PrintWild needed a powerful online ordering system and clever back office to increase sales and help optimize their workflow.

The challenge

Since opening its doors 14 years ago, PrintWild had grown from a guy with a printer to a major player in the online printing market of South Africa. They approached us to figure out technology solutions that would increase sales, and optimize their warehouse.

The solution

We leveraged cloud-based technology to manage orders across their multiple offices. This increased their warehouse capacity and efficiency, while providing redundant backups of images which has ensured orders were not lost, and were completed speedily. This, along with an ongoing marketing effort and clever desktop website more than doubled PrintWild's sales over a 12 month period. We recently launched a mobile ordering site which has captured a further 30% of site traffic which was previoulsy untapped.

Mobile web apps versus Responsive Design

We at WildWeb are big fans of responsive design, where a site is designed to scale to fit whichever device it's viewed on.

Even the WildWeb website utilized Responsive Design to ensure our visitors on their mobile phones or tablets can view the website as beautifully as visitors on their laptops.

We've found, however, that for "web apps" like PrintWild that require the user to order or engage with the site, responsive design isn't always the answer. We've taken our cue from the giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter and have launched a separate experience for PrintWild's mobile users. Most users primarly use their phones for taking photographs, editing their imagery in VSCO cam, Instagram or Snapseed. It was a natural progression to offer direct ordering from mobile phones.

Back Office

PrintWild's back office is confidential, but here are just some of the features we've developed with the PrintWild team :

Production line

Orders flow through various milestones in a KANBAN style. Once a milestone is reached, it is assigned to the next milestone, and a new team member takes over the reigns.

All of this is automated by our back office, with time logs and automated emails sent to client so they know the progress of their order.

Pastel Integration

Orders are batch processed into Pastel. This has saved the PrintWild accounting team countless hours of manual import.

Because we custom built the integration, reseller accounts and stock codes are both correctly assigned. We have extended this to Digital Gallery integration which also pays out artist commissions.


Critical business decisions require data analysis. We have generated reporting for product popularity, sales and volumes.

We also track user actions to optimize the site's order journey.

Introducing the Digital Gallery extends PrintWild's reach to users who want art on their wall rather than their own photographs.

Digital Gallery lets you sort through a massive quantity of images from South Africa's top artists and photographers. We built a search engine that helps visitors find their favourite images, with filters like aspect ratio, colour, and subject matter.

To best showcase the final product, we also built a 3D preview engine which shows how your print will look in the six products offered. Click here to try it out (just select a product, and a print size).

Digital Gallery 3d previews