WildWeb's longest standing client

Airlink (formerly South African Airlink) is WildWeb’s longest-standing client, having been with us from back when Paul was a one-man-show and working out of his garage. Their site had served them well for over 8 years, but it was time to breathe some life into their online presence and WildWeb was appointed to do just that.

destination travel

Airlink is a regional airline connecting nine African countries together, including a strong focus on travel in the tourism sector. Airlink’s network of African hotspot destinations is perfectly complimented by their alliance with the vast South African Airways global network.

This makes it possible for guests to fly from the bustling streets of New York City to a tiny landing strip alongside their safari camp, in the heart of The Kruger National Park in a single booking.

It’s this routing which makes travel to Africa (traditionally quite a difficult task) simple for Airlink customers.

the solution

WildWeb built a responsive site that looks just as good on a tablet or laptop, as on a smart phone, and allows the incredible destinations on Airlink’s network to take the spotlight.

We’ve used MapBox’s clever mapping technology to generate dynamic maps for each destination, and combined this with live flight information to assist travellers in their planning. If you’re stuck by a sudden urge to visit Nosy Be in Madagascar, you’ll see right away what time the next flight leaves, and which hotels Airlink recommends you check out for your stay.

The result is a fresh new look and a strong focus on what makes Airlink unique – travel around this amazing continent.