WildRes website booking engine

If you use Nights Bridge as your property management software, WildRes is designed to be embedded into your website very easily using a simple iFrame.


Use Cases

Your property Website

You can embed your booking for into any web page.


View an example of the system used in a Umdloti Apartments destination management services.

Reserve Safari Lodges

Amalaka is a private game reserve with multiple properties that can be booked though WildRes

Monthly Costs

Per Property

      • 1x lodge = R150/lodge
      • 5x lodges = R125/lodge
      • 20x lodges = R100/lodge
      • 50x lodges = R75/lodge
      • >100x lodges = R50/lodge

Server Responses

When a user user your website to check availability we charge a fixed fee per server call.  This allows any size business to use the service and the volume of work that you site does will dictate to overall cost.

We charge R0.5c per server request

Implimentation (Once Off)

Trusted By

These are the companies that support WildRes.


Each time the accommodation system needs to check availability or retrieve inventory data, it sends a separate request to the API, and each of these requests results in a server response containing the relevant information.

You can load as many properties on our system as we charge a monthly fee per BBID (Nights Bridge Property ID)

No not at the moment for a collection of properties but this is in the pipeline.

For us to set-up your company and load your properties normally takes 2 days and is dependant on the number of properties you are currently selling using Nightsbridge.

At the end of every month, you will receive an invoice for the properties and the server response volume that your website has traded.

We ask our clients to ensure that they have a card merchant account with their bank and that a “PayGate” account is set-up.

We recommend that you chat with the guys at PayGate and Pay Fast to help you set up a payment gateway that can go into their account for transfer at your convenience.

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Please book a meeting with us to discuss your implementation and we will go though the process with you.

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