We are excited to announce that the popular Southern African airline, Proflight Zambia, have popped the champagne bottle cork on [highlight] their new website [/highlight] !


Proflight have forged an awesome operation after launching way back in 1991. Their niche is linking smaller, key, destinations in the Southern African region, to international airports, making it great for passengers flying for business or pleasure.

The impetus in upsizing their website is best put by John Dawson from Proflight:

“In the middle of 2015 Proflight took the decision to invest in a new web site; We wanted a new, modern look and feel but to simplify the website’s navigation and present information in a clear and accessible way”, said John.

The mobile audience was also a big target. John adds; “Over the past couple of years we’ve also noticed an increase in the number of users who access the website on a mobile device and a sophisticated responsive design was going to be important for us”.

With the above in mind we sat with Proflight and knuckled down to put together a design and framework that incorporated all of their unique selling points. It took a few months of careful and meticulous attention to detail but in the end we were able to launch the [highlight] new website [/highlight] with the latest spec and responsive design standards.


One of the most notable features of the new website is the responsive design. Before the new site, Proflight had a ‘slimmed down’ mobile version of their website. With the new responsive design you will get the full website experience with access to all the content and features no matter what device you are using.

[highlight] Wildweb’s [/highlight] relationship with Proflight is a long-standing one, which is what made this project such a pleasure for us to work on. We have no doubt that their new digital property will help them soar into 2016 and beyond.

Written by the super awesome and amazingly talented, Brandon Bradley.