WildWeb were recently asked to develop the Mr Price / Maxed digital summer sports brochure.  Mr P supplied a ton of great images and a clear design brief. They wanted something fresh, dynamic and practical at the same time.  And we knew just the way to approach it.

The animation we churned out in the brochure is something you normally get from using Flash / ActionSript. But Flash is so unsupported these days so we pulled up our sleeves and incorporated some nifty jQuery and CSS3 to get all the cool functionality and transitions you see in the brochure. For example, take a look at the text and page transitions, as you flip through, as well as the cursor click and roll over effects. That’s all 100% Flash free.

Not only is the brochure progressive and stylish but, as requested, practical too. Using jQuery and CSS means that the brochure is compatible with most browsers, tablets and smart phones. Flash is not supported on iPhones / iPads and you would probably have to download the latest Flash update on your PC to view a Flash version of the brochure. With our digital brochure you get the same integration on Blackberry or iPhone as you would on an iPad or PC.

We put a lot of TLC into this and hope you think it is as cool as we do. Give it a real squizz by clicking here