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Situated in the Manyoni Private Game Reserve, [highlight] Rhino Sands Safari Camp [/highlight] is a classic luxury tented camp that captures the true spirit of safari.

Combining canvas, nature, romance, and luxury, the camp is designed to bring an authentic East-African style safari experience to Kwa-Zulu Natal. In order to fully achieve this classic elegance, Rhino Sands Safari Camp had the help of interior designer, Taryn Flanagan, who is an absolute artist when it comes to creating magnificent spaces.

We got in touch with Taryn to find out a little more about her, and her work with Rhino Sands Safari Camp:

Why do you love interior design?

Taryn: I am originally from a clothing background. I slowly morphed into interiors by complete accident. I love it because it is an ever-changing industry. It organically moves on its own. I love the variety of product and people and places I get to experience. Every day I am exposed to new products and such interesting pieces. I get to extend my clients out of their comfort zones, and I also get to be creative without many restrictions.

Why do you think it’s so important to hire an interior designer?

Taryn: I believe it’s important because we help keep you to the initial brief of a project. with a large project, it is very easy to lose focus on what the original “dream” was. We also offer expert advice on laminate flooring design, furniture placement, fabric usage that best suits the environment and its specific uses. We also help manage the budget. The entire process can get extremely overwhelming as its personal for the clients, whereas the designer comes with a completely objective and neutral view on certain things, making it easier to make a clear and unemotional decision.

What made you want to get into the safari lodge industry?

Taryn: My normal focus area has been mainly residential projects. I wanted to tap into the lodge industry for two reasons. I love the bush, and I love the natural flow from outside to inside with their spaces. I also wanted to tap into a market where areas were not so personal.

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Could you please briefly explain the inspiration behind the Rhino Sands ‘look and feel’?

Taryn: The look behind Rhino Sands was a step back in time. A ‘Colonial’ type camp, but with a comfortable, homely feel. I wanted every piece to be hand-selected, and possibly with a history or story behind it. I am also very big on texture, and texture-rich spaces, so the camp has a very layered look and feel. More is definitely more, but without the space feeling too “precious” to touch or pick up, or curl up with a book on one of the linen slipcover couches.

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What was your favourite part about working with Rhino Sands?

Taryn: It was definitely the people. I was incredibly lucky to have had such nice clients, who 110% trusted me and my judgment. I was also involved in almost every aspect of the lodge and its development. To toilet bowl placement, to what handrails were used on the balustrades. I could make creative decisions without ever being questioned.

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Visit Taryn’s website to see more of her work: [highlight] [/highlight]

The result of Taryn’s work at Rhino Sands is a true reflection of the amazing impact that a pair of trained eyes can have in a space. Combine the elegance of Taryn’s tastefully selected furniture and finishes, with the wildly magical location of the camp, and the impeccable professional yet friendly staff members, and Rhino Sands Safari Camp is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of travellers.