Africa’s Eden – Business for Tourism

Africa’s Eden is the brainchild Jillian Blackbeard. With the support from members like Kim from Jolly Boys Backpackers in Livingstone Zambia and Louise Nielsen-Doran who is an event and wedding planner in Victoria Falls. these guys have over 60 years of combined experience of in Tourism at such a wide level they see the bigger picture of promoting the collective region known as KASA which is the words largest connected wilderness.

Image Optimisation in 5 Steps


Introduction If the website takes time to load, images are your number one suspect. A single unoptimised image can significantly affect your page speed. We have a complete list of steps that you can take to optimise images for your website.   1. Resize Images Raw images are typically way wider than what the browser […]

Tailor-Made Web Solutions

Artwork of a web app on desktop, tablet and mobile

Handcrafted Web Solutions At WildWeb, we pride ourselves on building tailor-made web solutions for our clients. Oceana Reserve’s mobile web app is a recent example that we were excited to work on. We built a custom mobile-based menu that allows guests to get a quick rundown of the available facilities on offer when visiting the serene resort. […]

Website vs Web App: What’s the Difference?

Image showing website vs web app

With the ever-expanding web industry, this brief comparison sheds light on what’s the difference when it comes to a website vs web app… In today’s modern era of web design, many may not even be aware there’s a distinction between a website and a web app. Nowadays, much of the web is technically made up […]

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and User Experience?

difference between web design and user experience

If we want to understand what the difference between web design and user experience is, we need to go back in time… A mere 10 to 15 years ago, the web was a vastly different place. A web designer was a catch-all term for anyone who, in some way, shape or form, could build a […]