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Africa’s Eden is the brainchild Jillian Blackbeard. With the support from members like Kim from Jolly Boys Backpackers  in Livingstone Zambia and Louise Nielsen-Doran who is an event and wedding planner in Victoria Falls. these guys have over 60 years of combined experience of in Tourism at such a wide level they see the bigger picture of promoting the collective region known as KASA which is the words largest connected wilderness. 

The KAZA region, an acronym for Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, is a remarkable expanse that encompasses Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Angola. This expansive area is a testament to the collective commitment of these countries to protect and preserve their shared natural heritage. Spanning over 520,000 square kilometers, the KAZA region is the largest connected wilderness in the world, an awe-inspiring landscape teeming with diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife.

The establishment of the KAZA region aims to promote cross-border conservation, sustainable tourism, and community development. By fostering collaboration among these neighboring countries, KAZA facilitates the free movement of wildlife, enhances ecological connectivity, and ensures the long-term survival of vulnerable species.

As Africa’s Eden focuses on promoting the collective region of KAZA, the meeting in Victoria Falls served as an opportunity to unite tourism industry stakeholders in their efforts to showcase the beauty and wonders of this extraordinary part of the continent.

Members meet with one another to discuss business.  As WildWeb has been servicing the Tourism business in Southern and Eastern Africa of over 23 years in all thing’s web related it was a great opportunity to be involved.

Some interesting take outs from my trip was

  • Enduring the Difficulties of the COVID-19 Era

All regions represented at the meeting shared a common struggle—enduring the immense challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. From business owners to river guides, the impact has been felt across the board. However, despite these hardships, there is a sense of resilience and determination among the participants, as they have witnessed a gradual resurgence in the tourism sector. Lodges are experiencing a promising recovery, with estimates suggesting they are operating at approximately 75% of their pre-pandemic capacity.

  • A Collective Effort to Increase Market Share

Members and supporters of Africa’s Eden firmly believe in the power of collective action. They recognize that by working together, Africa can increase its share of the international travel market, which currently stands at a mere 3%. This concerted effort not only has far-reaching implications for businesses but also plays a significant role in sustaining employment opportunities within the region.

  • Embracing a Greener Future

Acknowledging their responsibility toward the environment, Africa’s Eden members are committed to playing their part in creating a greener future. Their dedication manifests in various ways, such as sourcing local organic food and beverages, reducing plastic consumption, and even transitioning lodges to operate entirely off the grid. By adopting these sustainable practices, they aim to minimize their ecological footprint and preserve the natural wonders that make the KASA region so unique. They know that they must focus and play their part in a greener future.  From buying local organic food and drinks to reducing plastic consumption and lodges moving completely off grid are some of the examples of how important this is to the collective members.

During the meeting, some of the notable members included:

  1. Anald Musonza – Africa Albida Tourism: Africa Albida Tourism
  2. Caroline Grant – Machaba Safaris: Machaba Safaris
  3. Cathy Liebenberg – Shongwe Lookout: 
  4. Danielle Chadwick – Old House Kasane: Old House Kasane
  5. Chris – Chobe Safari Lodge: Chobe Safari Lodge
  6. Dionne Mutsonziwa – Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel: Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel
  7. Doreen Tromp – Zambezi Queen Collection: Zambezi Queen Collection
  8. Ian Gloss – Victoria Falls Liquorama and Chobe Distributors: [Victoria Falls Liquorama and Chobe Distributors](insert hyperlink)
  9. Jeremy Perie – The Delta Training Academy: The Delta Training Academy
  10. Lauren Summers – Green Safaris

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Many thanks to Jillian, Kim  and Louise for organising such an enjoyable show