Term 3 news 2017 - Happy Holidays!
December 2018

Happy new year to you all, sorry it is a bit late, but here is our term 3 2017 newsletter - best wishes for 2018!

Another year older, another year wiser… we hope!
This December marked the end of Tujatane’s 21st Birthday year. We know, we can’t believe it either! For 21 years now this little school has been making wonderful friends all over the world, friends like you who have been part of our journey and who have enabled us to do what we do best: give our students the opportunities they deserve. It is thanks to your generosity that we have Tujatane alumni who are lawyers, clinical officers, teachers, and pilots.

It is all because of you that this newsletter is positively bursting with good news, exciting plans, and the incredible achievements of our current students. From technology to art, nutrition to gender equality, our students constantly push us to become a better place of learning. We hope you’re as proud of them as we are. We know they are as grateful for you as we are!
An International Birthday Party: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
It has been amazing celebrating turning 21-years old with you. We threw a fantastic birthday party here at Tujatane, and we loved that (especially the dancing! Click here to see a video HERE), but what we loved even more was hearing about the celebrations taking place all over the world on our behalf. So many of you held parties and joined in our celebratory fundraising activities, and we are, as always, truly grateful for your wonderful support.

You may remember that our aim for our 21st birthday was to raise enough money to create a Further Education Fund. This fund will help us cover the costs of ex-pupils who are dreaming big and want to go on to study at college or university. Tertiary fees are so high in Zambia, and often sponsors simply can’t cover the whole cost of their student’s fees when they continue their education after Tujatane. With this new fund (which anyone can contribute to – email emma@tujatane.com if you feel the spirit take you) more of our children will be able to further their studies and achieve dreams that would otherwise be impossible.

Tujatane’s Got Talent
No really, we’re minor celebrities over here. Our effervescent Performing Arts team have done it again: they were not only chosen to dance at an international conference at one of the biggest hotels in Livingstone and then asked to perform at the Livingstone National Art Gallery as part of an exhibition, but they then made it onto Zambia’s national TV channel, the ZNBC! Our Art group, not to be overshadowed, managed to win 1st and 2nd prize for their artwork at the same event. Our children have the kind of talent that will take them places fast, and we’re kind of just along for the ride.

… and Girl Power!
2017 has been a radical year for female empowerment all over the world, and although Zambia may still be catching up in certain respects, Tujatane is doing all that they can to balance the scales for our students. Earlier this term we were absolutely WOW-ed by our Girl Empowerment club. Headed by teachers Susan and Mable, the girls meet weekly to discuss important social and health issues affecting young women. It is beyond wonderful to see how their confidence and interest has grown, and the way that the club has empowered them to understand and speak about what is right and wrong. Teacher Mutinta taught the girls a powerful poem about teenage pregnancy, and they decided to perform it in front of the entire school. You can watch the performance here. We are so proud of our girls for their courage, and we hope that they carry it with them into the greater world.
Hanging with Our Check Mates
This term has seen an exciting rise in students wanting to play chess. Chess is not only fun, and a great place for kids to be with their friends outside of class, but it helps the pupils to think strategically and use their maths skills. Students who play chess are more confident performing in class, and now each classroom has chess sets available for those who finish their work before others. Dorothy and Eneless run the Senior and Junior Chess Clubs respectively, and Dorothy has this to say about chess at Tujatane: We fared so well! We have another group of beginners from the Preschool to Grade 4, and the Senior Chess Club competed first among themselves and then against the Simonga School Chess Club. Tujatane won 6-3. We continued to have friendly games with Simonga, and next year we would like to compete against more schools in the area and even in town.
Who knows, maybe we’ll have another Miyanda before long, and send a second Tujatane student off to the International Chess Olympiad to compete on an even bigger scale. And it’s all thanks to our wonderful donors, who helped us to get more chess sets and keep our passion for chess going.

Kindling Fires in Our Kids
Last term we boasted the arrival of new desktop computers for the Grade 1—9 students to use, and we haven’t lost our technological momentum! Thanks to a generous donor, this term we were able to purchase more Kindle Fires for Kids, so we currently have 16, with 6 more on the way! Now even the youngest children in the school have access to this technology, allowing them to develop much-needed confidence before moving on to desktop computers in Grade 1. Our pre-schoolers have been using their Kindles every day. They may be playing on fun apps, but they are also consolidating their knowledge of numbers, shapes, animals, and the alphabet. More importantly, these Kindles are our pre-schooler’s first step towards being fully computer literate, which is becoming almost as necessary as the normal sort of literacy.

What’s Cookin’? Not the Planet.
We may be small, but we believe that our impact on the world will be big, and we want it to be a positive one. This is why everyone at Tujatane tries to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Recently we’ve been turning our attention to our food and our cooking process. Thanks to two wonderful supporters, this term saw the arrival of new stoves in the kitchen. The purpose of these stoves is to make our cooking more efficient by using far less firewood. We provide meals for all of the students and teachers, but we don’t want them to feel bad about their full bellies!
And our green-eating plan doesn’t stop there. A big thank you to everyone who got involved in our big new initiative: to plant fruit trees around the school in order for Tujatane to become more self-sufficient. The children had a fantastic time getting muddy, planting, and learning about how to keep trees healthy, and now that the rains are here our new trees have all the nutrients they need. Hopefully we’ll be picking our own 5-a-day before long!
School’s out, Christmas is in!
Our Grade 7 and Grade 9 pupils have finished their national exams, and we are all eagerly awaiting their results. For the Grade 9 students this is a very important time as they are waiting to find out which school they will be moving to for their final years of high school. To take their minds off the impending results (and because who needs an excuse really?) we had the most wonderful Christmas party! Each grade gave outstanding performances, ranging from dancing to singing, from drama to poetry. As always, Father Christmas arrived bearing beautiful gifts for the children, and they had a wonderful day. Tongabezi provided a special Cristmas lunch of sausages, burgers, coleslaw and chips, and the day was an unqualified success. It was also a perfect excuse to get all our pupils and teachers, as well as a bunch of our ex-pupils, together to celebrate another year of Tujatane memories.

Thank you!
If you want to contact us for any reason, whether it’s to donate or just to say hi, please contact us on emma@tujatane.com. We wish a happy and healthy 2018 to all Tujatane Friends, and thank you for being a part of everything we do. We couldn’t do it without you!

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