Newsletter - Term 2, 2017
August 2017

Term 2 has been a jam-packed 3 months with so much going on. From volunteers, to new resources, and some of our teams putting Tujatane back on the map through their amazing wins.

National Champions... drum roll please!
Our amazing Traditional Dance group have done it again! Tujatane has regained the title of National Champions and we are so proud of the new team for bringing the trophy home! After coming first in the District Level and then qualifying to Provincial Level also in first place, the children practiced religiously every day after school to ensure they were ready. They spent time polishing up their dances with the help of Teacher Grace and Isaac, an outside dance teacher, and making sure that their colourful outfits were washed, ironed and ready to be worn with pride. It was such a success for the children to come first place in Zambia, as competition against the 10 other provinces was tough. Steve, one of our Grade 7 pupils was crowned the best drummer at Provincia Level. We are so proud of the team and we can’t wait to see what new dances they will perform next term!

Our 21st birthday party!
And like any successful 21st birthday party, ours was filled with dancing, reminiscing, and a lot of laughter. Ex-pupils, ex-staff and parents poured in from all over Africa to be with us on our special day. The amphitheatre was full to bursting with happiness and pride. We had lawyers, clinical officers, accountants and musicians as ex pupils mingling with our current students, and everybody got involved in the performances (some planned, but many impromptu) which went on until much later than we had planned.
The climax of the day was when Vanessa, after 21 years of claiming that she can’t dance, surprised the crowd by getting involved in the staff’s traditional dance performance. The students erupted into cheers and laughter, and you probably will too once you’ve seen the video (click here to see it!). It was a truly momentous occasion, and an incredible way of uniting everyone who has been involved in the Tujatane story over the years. No matter how big Tujatane gets, or how far away the Tujatane family spreads, we always come together to all hold hands and dance like crazy!

He shoots, he scores!
Our dance team are not the only ones who have had a successful term. Our sports teams have also been doing exceptionally well. This term we welcomed Frank to our Tujatane team as our Tujatane Sports Coach. With the backing of Ivney, our Sports Co-ordinator, and our volunteer Fabian, our children have had a fun filled sporting term. The sports teams took part in various outings and tournaments, the first being ball games, held at the international school just outside of Livingstone. Our teams proceeded to be champions of Volleyball, Under 14s boys’ football, Under 14s girls’ netball and the children’s balloon race. The Under 12s boys’ football team also did fantastically, coming second place. Tujatane won five out of seven trophies! Our football team also took part in an event organized by a Livingstone based NGO, where the team was split to play with other children to learn new skills and make new friends. The final event of the term was another football event for both boys and girls where the boys again won the first prize trophy and the girls scored their first ever goal! It’s brilliant to see such achievements by the sports department and the children this term.

Guidance and Counselling
We are very happy to welcome Jessica Cooper back to manage our Guidance and Counselling department. She first came as a volunteer and is now working full time and offering a great support network for the pupils, parents and staff. We are also proud to announce and congratulate Mrs Susan Muleya on achieving a BSC degree in Psychology and Counselling. Susan has been at Tujatane since 2010 and is our Senior teacher in charge of the Lower School. The team have focused on identifying children who need referring to therapy sessions. Here the children are given an opportunity to talk as well as play with art materials and soft toys in a safe environment. Due to the sensitivity of some of the issues the children experience, all sessions and information are highly confidential to be able to give the children the privacy they need to overcome their issues. The Guidance and Counselling department have also worked hard to coordinate people from the local area to offer additional support. This term, this has included weekly yoga sessions, a visit from Livingstone Animal Protection Society to discuss how to treat animals, visits from a local nurse twice a month and an external NGO, Response Network, visiting each grade to educate the students about incest and sexual abuse. These activities develop the child’s sense of self and help broaden the enhance the emotional well-being of the children. This is just the beginning of some wonderful programmes to come, and next term the department have plans to set up the Tongabezi Young Farmers group for the more vulnerable pupils to learn skills to become more self-sufficient alongside their studies.

Birthday Trees
Just in case you missed our announcements, this year is our 21st birthday! We hope you have enjoyed seeing the newsflashes and following our birthday progress on our social media pages. Now to tie in with our birthday, and to boost our Tongabezi Young Farmers group, we have brought forward our October aim to plant 21 fruit trees around the school to now. It is the perfect time to plant trees and seeds around the school, ready for the rains starting in October. For just $35/£30 we could buy a fruit tree to plant in our garden to help our vulnerable children and enable the school become more sustainable.
Should you wish to donate money for us to buy a tree, we will design a plaque with your name on to put next to the tree and keep you updated on its progress. Email Emma at for more information.
A huge thank you to everyone who has held birthday parties for Tujatane so far – we are looking forward to more of you holding parties for us to support our Further Education Fund. We would just like to add a small amendment to our previous newsflash. Jennifer Schram de Jong held a wonderful lunch party and raised an amazing £343 to go towards our Food Programme – thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Wonderful Volunteers
We have been so lucky to have many fantastic volunteers support various areas of our school this term. First was Fabian, a sports volunteer from Germany. He helped for almost two terms, running PE lessons, team sports and coordinating tournaments and friendly matches. Fabian was a brilliant addition to our team and we loved having him here – he even learnt some traditional dance! Then we were joined by Toby and Ben who came to help with ICT. They also introduced our children to hockey and badminton which they loved. They were a great help, teaching fun new computing lessons and introducing the children to programming and creating their own website! Katherine and Issi put on an amazing rendition of The Jungle Book with the children. They worked hard casting the production, painting the backdrop and teaching the songs to the children with the assistance of teacher Mike. The children had worked with Katherine two years ago when she put on Joseph and were thrilled to have her back. Their production raised money for our Further Education Fund. To see a clip of the production, click here.
Towards the end of the term we had two weeks with Claire and Meghan from Shakespeare on the Sound, an American theatre company. They introduced all our children to William Shakespeare through workshops and then chose a small group of children to put on a fantastic abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Antonia, a trained Art Therapist from the UK came to help our Guidance and Counselling department.
A big thank you to everyone who joined us – we hope to see you again soon!

ICT - 17 new desktops arrive
We are so pleased to announce that we have just received 17 new computers for the school. This now means we have 26 computers in the computer lab, a computer in our library and one in our accounts office. This means the children can now use a computer each during ICT lessons rather than sharing with their neighbour, enabling them to work faster and lessons to be more efficient. We are thrilled that our children
are able to have these facilities and can research the world at the click of a button. In this day and age, it is important for our children to be computer literate and be able to compete to a high level with their international counterparts.

Please help us with our Further Education Fund if you can!
With it being our 21st birthday, the children who started with us back in 1996 are now adults, some having been sponsored to go on to study further and do fantastic things with their education. Some are now lawyers, clinical officers, accountants and a pilot to name a few. None of these children would have been able to pursue their dreams without the wonderful and generous support of their sponsors, but this next step is costly and many sponsors are unable to cover the fees.
Sponsoring our children to further their education when they have completed secondary school is very important to us so we can enable them to go on to become professionals and find employment to make a life for themselves. A cost to send a student to college or university for one year is around US$5,000, which is often too much for a single sponsor to cover. By setting up the Further Education Fund, it means when sponsors are unable to afford the costs, we will still be able to support pupils to become professionals.
If you feel you would like to contribute to the Further Education Fund to help more Tujatane pupils achieve their dreams and pursue a career, then please email

Exciting news!
As many of you know, Tujatane has been without a head teacher for a while now, however we are thrilled to announce we have found someone to fill the position. As of January 2018, Warren Mukuni will be joining us as our Head Teacher. We are thrilled to have him on board and are looking forward to his arrival. Warren is re-locating to Tujatane with his family from the North of Zambia. We are currently planning to build a house on site to accomodate him and his family and help him settle into the job. If anyone is interested in helping with funds for our building project, we would be extremely grateful.
Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!
That's right, the festive season is just round the corner and to help you prepare, our brand new Christmas cards are available to purchase. This year we have the choice of two different designs, either The Tujatane Angel or The Tujatane Colourful Tree. The Angel was drawn by Grace, age 8 and the tree by Mary, age 14. The cards are blank inside and they are priced at $10 or £7 for a pack of 10 cards.
Postage costs have kindly been covered by Kay Price and printing generously donated by Northend Printers, enabling 100% of sales to go directly towards educating & supporting the children of Tujatane
To purchase, or for more information email

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Thank you!
As always, we would like to thank each of you for your support of Tujatane and the children of the Tongabezi and Simonga community.

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