Tujatane Term 1 news
May 2017

We cannot quite believe it but we are at the end of another term here at Tujatane. But, you know what they say – ‘time flies when you are having fun!’ and fun is certainly been in abundance this term! From our new pre-school classroom, new staff members, competitions and academic successes Tujatane has once again gone from strength to strength.

Everisto Graduates
A huge congratulations to Everisto who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Rhodes University in South Africa. Everisto was brought up the first few years of his life by his grandparents in a rural village with no schooling. He then came to live with his single mum (Grace, who is one of our assistants) and joined Tujatane. At Tujatane he excelled in every area - academics, sports, chess, drama, drumming, etc and because of his talents we managed to get him sponsored at secondary school in South Africa at Kingswood College. In order to get a place at this school he had to jump two academic years (they had no space in grades 8 or 9), moving from our Grade 7 class at Tujatane to the Grade 10 class at Kingswood. He managed, not only to cope with his new life in South Africa at a boarding school mixing with children from privileged backgrounds, but also with missing two academic grades at school level. His new school was far away from his single roomed home in Zambia in the village with no running water or electricity. Take a look at this YouTube video for more on Everisto’s background and our newsletter from when Everisto first moved away . Now he has graduated, he plans to be a chartered accountant and is well on his way to his dream. Everisto is proof that the underprivileged pupils of Tujatane can achieve their dreams and goals with a helping hand.

As you might know, Tujatane is turning 21 years old this year…

Now, a birthday simply isn’t a birthday without a party of some kind! We are asking all our supporters across the world to host a party, be it a tea party, dinner party, cocktail party or BBQ in aid of Tujatane and we hope you will join us.
It is a wonderful achievement for our pupils to complete Secondary School, but going to College or University is often just a dream for many of our ex-pupils due to the high cost of these courses. So, we are planning to set up a Tujatane Further Education Fund with the funds raised from the parties from all our supporters from around the world to help make sure our kids have the chances to study at tertiary level.
After reading the above article on Everisto, you can see we have had some fantastic success stories from those pupils who have continued to be sponsored, from Lawyers to Pilots to Engineers and Accountants, and we would love to turn our future school leavers’ dreams into a reality.
All the money raised from the parties held across the world will go towards this fund so we can try and support as many of our ex-pupils as possible.
If you are interested in holding a party and raising money for Tujatane then please do let us know. We can send you our ‘party pack’ with invitations and further information to make it super easy for you to organise. So our kids can be a part of your party too, we have made a short video for you to show your guests, which you can view by clicking here.
You can run your party how you feel it would work best, some people are charging an entry fee, some are charging people for the cakes/food/drinks they will eat and some are simply having a donation pot. There is no set date for the party so feel free to hold it when suits you best, perhaps you might like to have a garden party in the summer or a howling Halloween party in October! We look forward to seeing some photos from your parties. Please email Emma at emma@tujatane.com for more information on this.

Voice of an angel
It is lovely to see so many of the children with their individual talents and skills. Here is Theresa, a grade 7 student and one of our singing super stars. Theresa has been given the job of starting the National Anthem during our weekly assemblies.
‘My name is Theresa. I enjoy school and I enjoy music. I enjoy reading and I love everybody! I love singing and mostly when I sing I feel like I am singing to the whole world. It is nice to sing and when they give me the praise that I sing well I can be happy with myself because I feel joy in my heart. It is exciting for me to sing! I love to meet new people and I enjoy listening to other people sing.’

New preschool classroom…
Thanks to the incredible support through donations from many people from all over the world, we have opened our very smart new preschool classroom this term. All of the children came back after the long Christmas break enthused and ready to learn, some a bit taller and some having lost their first tooth! The room is fantastic and it has meant that the children have settled so well into school life. The classroom has a wonderful atmosphere and great resources to keep the children busy and entertained.
It makes a great difference for the Preschool and Reception classes to have their own classrooms. This is integral to their learning and our focus on early childhood development. It makes for a better teaching environment for the staff and a more personal and comfortable environment for the children. To take a look at our new pre-school click here.

… With a new classroom comes new staff!
We have hired two more staff, Kate and Faith to help out with our Pre-school and Reception classes. Kate is the assistant in Pre-school and is currently doing her diploma in Early Childhood Education. Faith has taken over as Reception teacher and is a great musician. She has been using various songs to teach the children in a different way. They love it! Both Kate and Faith have settled very well into life at Tujatane and it is a pleasure to have them as part of the team. As well as hiring two more staff members, Iness who was teaching both Pre-school and Reception before the new building, has been promoted! She is now Head of Pre-school so over sees the Pre-school and Reception classes. We are thrilled for her and she is a welcomed member of the Management Team at the school.

Extra-curricular outings
We have taken part in both academic and extra-curricular activities in the local area this term.
You might remember Aaron from our last newsletter? Our children took part in a quiz against all the schools in our zone and he did a presentation on his helicopter and came third! Well done to Aaron and his quiz team mates.
From the same quiz event, one of our Grade 9 pupils, Boyd, was chosen to sit on the panel to represent our zone and compete against the other zones in the Livingstone area, a great achievement for both Boyd and Tujatane!
After having a slight lull in performing arts over the past year, the new groups have come back with full force. In March they participated in the NAZAAZ competition and came first in Performing Arts, Choral and Poetry in the zone. A huge triumph and morale boost for the team. We are very proud of their efforts and tireless dedication to their clubs, and also the staff for all their hard work. They are now preparing for the next round which we wish them the best of luck for.

Junior Reporters
Here is an article from Grade 9 student Georgina on why it is important to work hard. Georgina is part of the Junior Reporters Club who report on many issues and observations around school and in the village.
This piece is called ‘Hard Work’
It is through hard work that determines the kind of a person you want to be in life. Those that have fallen fond of hard tasks have seen the benefit of their work and this gives me the reason to belief that there is nothing that is so hard to accomplish as long as a doubled effort is executed. Well, we all believe that Mathematics is not a simple subject, but I come out strongly to oppose my fellow friends for I believe in hard work. The grade nines take up this belief even more serious. They believe that even if they try their best to understand concepts taught by a teacher, not all that is taught stays in a long term memory. The mentality of not revising the topics on a daily basis make them fail and unable to produce admirable grades in mathematics. Teacher Hendricks has taken up G.9 and G.8 classes in mathematics but his efforts is taken for granted. He tries his best to teach and make these pupils understand and grasp formulas that can solve mathematical problems, but only a few out of the many he teaches seem to understand. I therefore, advise both classes he teaches and the school at large to pay much particular attention and believe that Mathematics is a simple subject and all it needs is hard work.

Adult Education Update
Schooling here at Tujatane is not just for the children! We have been running an Adult Education Programme here for four years in 2016, our Grade 9 group sat their exams, and we had a 90% pass rate! Our top achiever was our very own assistant teacher Grace, who featured in last term’s newsletter and is also Everisto’s mum! A large proportion of the parents and guardians of the children at Tujatane have not had the opportunity to complete school and for some, have never attended school at all. With the Adult Education Programme, it gives the parents the opportunity to forward their own education. This not only benefits their learning, but also enables them to help their children with their homework and have better employment opportunities to help support their families. It is very important to motivate and empower the parents so they are able to understand the importance of education and encourage their own children to succeed. We are struggling to fund this incentive to empower the community so if there is anyone interested in supporting this in any way, please email Emma: emma@tujatane.com

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