2016 is coming to an end! Term 3 at Tujatane...
December 2016

Another school year is almost over here at Tujatane and it has been yet another year of growth and success for the children and the school. Thank you so much to everyone for their continued support!
'Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.'

Our future engineer – Aaron
Here is what Aaron, aged 14 had to say about the awesome model helicopter he is currently making. He lives in a village known as ‘100s’ which is about a 2 hour walk from school.
‘I have just brought it here to see if people thought it was nice. I have made a lot of cars from wire before but this is the first time I have made a helicopter. At first I was using a phone battery to make it spin but unfortunately it didn’t have enough power. So then I bought the charger from a friend and then connected it. Now it uses the mains electricity so it has a lot of power. I painted it in order to beautify it. The wires didn’t look nice but now it is painted it looks much better. This was my first time making the helicopter, and I think if I was to make another I would make it a bit different. I think I have found my talent! My whole plan is to be an engineer when I finish school… this is just the beginning! I would like to sell if it people are interested, I wanted to use the money to help my family, but I communicated this to my mum and she said I should help myself and buy a bicycle and a bag to help me get to school. I get up so early, sometimes at 04:00 because the walk is so long.’

Our building projects
After having incredible support from our donors to build the new pre-school block, we realised that we would need further toilet facilities to cater for the children. We hired brilliant local builders to build the toilets and they are now ready to use. We feel very privileged to be lucky enough to have proper loos here at Tujatane. They provide a safe haven for boys and girls to be able to comfortably use the toilet. This is really important to the wellbeing of our children and we are very grateful.
As well as the additional toilets, the builders have also started constructing a fun outdoor area for the pre-school, including a sand pit, water feature and benches. We can't wait for the children to start using it in January!
Photo of our brand new pre-school block and counselling office.

Chitenge competition
This term has been very exciting for the art department at Tujatane. We have been joined by Art Therapist, Jessica Cooper who is here volunteering with the children who need more attention in order to perform well in their studies.
One of our long term supporters, Liz Hauck, together with Yande our art teacher and Jessica, ran a competition at the beginning of November for the children to design the best Chitenge. Chitenge is a traditional material worn by the local women, either as a head scarf, a baby sling or as a skirt to protect their clothing. These materials are always vibrant and eye catching designs, and it was great to see so many children getting involved in the competition.

New members of staff
We would like to welcome three new members of staff to the Tujatane family this term. We have been joined by Kosam, who teaches Maths to the upper school, Boston who is assisting with our accounts, and Emma who is our new Fundraising and Administration Manager. Here is what they had to say about their first term here.
Kosam: 'I have had a nice experience. The teachers are welcoming. I found the working environment good. The teachers are cooperative and interesting to work with. They have been helpful in answering all my questions. My stay so far has been productive!'

Boston: 'My time has been interesting so far. I am enjoying my work. The pupils are very nice and it is a great working environment. All members of staff have been very welcoming - Tujatane is my home away from home.'

Emma: 'I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term at Tujatane. I have been made to feel extremely welcome and the children and the staff are lovely! I am feeling very settled and love the challenge of the work here.'
Drawing of Kosam by Darkyon, Grade 5.

Tujatane Alumni
After having so many successful, high achieving school leavers come out of Tujatane, we have decided to form an Alumni group for the ex-pupils of to maintain a good relationship with the school. This is a great way for the current pupils to get motivated and focused by having strong role models who have come from the same background as them. As well as this, it is great for the school that the old pupils want to give their time and ideas back to their community. We are thrilled that so many school leavers have such fond memories of Tujatane and want to keep coming back! Here is what Misheck had to say who has just graduated in General Agriculture:
‘At Tongabezi, I am Head Grounds Man. I have finally completed my study in General Agriculture. I am very happy as it was not an easy road, I would like to thank Tongabezi Trust School for having believed in me, I hope to never let anyone down.'
This is solid proof of what sponsoring a child here at Tujatane can really achieve. We have many motivated and enthusiastic school leavers, like Misheck, who have been accepted onto teriary courses, but need sponsorship to be able to achieve their dreams. If you would like to support a Tujatane school leaver through college, then please email Emma at emma@tujatane.com for more information.

Visitors this term
This term we had the pleasure of Shelia and Paul returning to Tujatane. Having had Sheila volunteer with us for a whole term in 2011, it was wonderful to have her back visiting for a few days where she yet again donated her time. The children had such a great time with her! Together they kindly donated a Kindle Fire to be used by the pre-school students when they move into their own classroom in January. Paul was extremely helpful and generously donated his time to ensure we fully understood how to best utilise the Kindle with the children. David Fettes, one of our UK trustees also joined us for a week. It was great to have him here helping out with administration and also taking some fantastic new photos for our website.

Adult Education
Our Adult Education programme began with the vision of educating the parents of Tujatane children, many of whom never had the opportunity to complete their basic education. We are thrilled that our first ever adult class sat their grade 9 exams recently and all hope to pass with flying colours!

Grace, one of the students and an assistant here at Tujatane, has really enjoyed being part of the adult class. She hopes to become a teacher in the future and she said this:
I am also studying, I have just done my Grade 9 exams so I can do my Grade 10 next year, I am now just waiting for my results. Thank you so much for what the school is doing for the community and the country at large. It was not going to be possible for us to take our children to school or for me to go back to school without Tujatane, it is a rare opportunity in Zambia to find such a school.’

Hendricks, the Head of Adult Education gave us this insight:
'With 25 adults in the Adult Education Programme, there were 10 Grade 9s who wrote the examinations in November. They were positive about the examinations and said that they would make it to the next level without any problems. They were happy that they had learnt the topics which came up in the exams. They have kept their fingers crossed and all 10 adults hope for excellent results in January. The parents’ completion of school will mean rich earning prospects. The Adult Education Programme was born with the view and hopes to reduce high poverty rates, illiteracy and poor health conditions in the area surrounding Tujatane. We are looking for someone to fund the programme for 2017 to enable it to continue to support the families of the children at the school. Education is a universal language, without it we cannot move forward.'
If you are interested in supporting this amazing programme, then please email Emma at emma@tujatane.com

A word from our Guidance Counsellor - Susan
'I am excited because I just completed a four year degree in Psychology and Counseling which was sponsored by the help of Tujatane School. Now I am qualified to take on various roles in our school and community such as, acting as a mediator to facilitate constructive communication between individuals that may otherwise fail to resolve conflicts on their own and contribute in promoting interpersonal interaction and leadership. With the help of colleagues I can also help to offer guidance to pupils to promote good behavior and self discipline. The school has built a counseling room which will be in use from January next year, a big thanks to the sponsor of this building. With effective counseling and guidance, it is hoped that communication among pupils, teachers and parents will be improved which will help to improve results academically and socially, with the goal of empowering all to change their social status.'

Christmas Cards
It is not too late to buy our amazing Christmas cards. They were designed by 11 year old Emmanuel and we here in Zambia are going to be very sad if we do not see an elephant in a Christmas hat! The cards are $10/£6 for a pack of ten – if you are interested, please email Jessop at jessopprice@hotmail.co.uk to place your order!

Child sponsorship
We are working very hard at the moment at ‘digitising’ the school and updating the way we run everything. We have very generously been donated an online resource call Tapestry which we would love to phase in at the beginning of the school year in January to help update the information sponsors receive on their children. We are going to implement the online updates with just the pre-school and then gradually move up the grades. Here is what Emily from Tapestry had to say about the programme:
'Tapestry is an easy-to-use online learning journal for recording all the learning and fun of children's early years education; it helps educators to record, track and celebrate children's progress.'
If you would like more information about Tapestry, please find their website here:
We always need sponsorship for children, especially as a new school year begins. If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Tujatane, then please email Emma at emma@tujatane.com

Social Media
This term we have been trying to boost our use of social media pages. We would love it if you could follow us on Facebook (Tongabezi Trust School), Instagram (@TongabeziTrustSchool) and Twitter (@TongabeziTrustSchool). Please do tell your friends as well – the more the merrier!

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