Term 1 2016 Tujatane News
April 2016

The term went by so quickly! ‘When you are young, time moves fast when you are having fun. When you are old, time moves fast anyway!' Once again, the school was full of activity. Read on to hear all that we've been up to and don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We've Gone Solar!
In one of our most exciting achievements to date, we are no longer experiencing 8 hour daily power cuts at school. This is thanks to the Zambian sunshine and the amazing generosity of Jeff and Connie from the USA. Zambia possesses around 40 percent of the sub-region’s water resources, yet despite this endowment we remain a nation with very little electrical power. As a result, we have struggled greatly with an erratic power supply. We are therefore delighted to now have a fantastic solar power system, providing enough solar energy to run most of the school.

We are truly thankful for this very generous donation, which is already making a huge difference to what we are able to achieve on a daily basis in the running of the school and teaching of our pupils. We have been able to add a solar water pump that is connected to our borehole, so we not only have water during power cuts but our water is crystal clear and safe to drink.

Michael Hopes for Sports Champions
This term got off to a fantastic start. Michael and Hilary Coulson, who generously donated towards the refurbishment of the school’s sports field, came to see the completed sports facilities. It was very special for the children to be able to thank them not only for their incredible commitment to the school, but also for sharing their dream of a Tongabezi full of sporting champions!

Michael has tasked us with raising “African champions who would compete with the rest of the world”. Moving forward together, we will realize this dream.

Long-Term Supporters Revive Art Teaching
Mike and Liz are an incredible example of how wide the Tujatane family has spread, and how generous this family is. They have been sponsors of Tujatane for the last 13 years, and recently returned from England to see how much the school has changed, and how the children they sponsor have grown up. One of their children, Chuma, is now completing her secondary schooling and she and her family were extremely excited for the chance to meet up with and thank Mike and Liz.

Liz very kindly donated some of her precious holiday time to teach an art class, which everyone wanted to join! We had pupils, teachers and even one of our old students turn up. Huge thanks to Liz for such a fun and colourful afternoon.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, Liz was so touched by our art room and the need for an art teacher that she decided to fundraise for us. Thanks to Liz's efforts we have already welcomed Miss Yande Yombwe as a part-time art teacher. Yande is currently setting up special art clubs in the afternoons, as well as spending time with each class. She has already seen some great artistic talent here.

Yande says: "The School has a lovely environment filled with warmth from its people. The staff is supportive and composed of people who are always ready to help one learn more. I am glad to have joined this community and look forward to seeing it grow in the area of Art Education. I am keen to see learners develop and broaden their appreciation of art and I hope that someday these children will become famous artists the country may rely upon as we pass on our Cultural Heritage to future generations."

Tujatane Welcomes Lawrence
Art is not the only department where we have been lucky enough to welcome a new member of the team. Thanks to Alex, who is generously sponsoring this post, we have recently welcomed Mr Lawrence Mweetwa as our new science teacher. Last year we had one teacher for both our science and mathematics lessons: a huge overload. Having a dedicated and qualified science teacher will give our students the academic support that they deserve.
Obby Visits The UK
Obby, our ICT teacher, has recently returned from a trip to the UK where he visited a number of schools to develop his teaching skills. The trip was a huge success and we would like to sincerely thank our Trustees for making it all possible. Thank you for all your organization, for helping Obby find his way around, and for welcoming him in to your homes to stay - as well as showing him many historic British sights and introducing him to fish and chips!

Obby visited 6 UK Schools. He had fun meeting new people, talking about Tujatane and learning from the teachers there. Many of the children he spoke to had a lot of questions about Tujatane and Zambia, including asking whether animals came to the school, and how far the children walked to receive an education and meals each day.

Obby is very thankful for his trip, saying, “My stay in the UK was a wonderful learning experience that I will never forget. Technology in the UK is more advanced and we hope that Zambia will catch up soon. Learning from teachers in the UK has made me love and appreciate more what I am doing at Tujatane. Teachers in the UK teach and guide children in a way that they are able to explore on their own.”

Obby is very excited to share what he has learnt, and we are keen to benefit from his new knowledge. He promises that each Tujatane child will gain a sound knowledge of how to use a computer before they leave the school at the end of Grade 9.

Friday Heads Off To Japan
We were so happy to hear from so many of you about your interest in the story of Friday Chikwala after our last newsletter, so we thought we’d update you on his story!

For those who don’t know, Friday used to be a casual worker in the Tongabezi garden with his uncle. Through a lot of hard work on his part and ours however, he was accepted by the Japanese NGO Ashinaga as the one Zambian representative to go to Uganda to apply for a degree abroad. Friday returned a changed person, so excited to tell us about all of the friends that he had made and the things that he had learnt, and so we are unbelievably proud to announce that his adventure will be continuing. He has been awarded a full scholarship to study in Japan!

Friday has spent this last term assisting at Tujatane in maths and science. We recently held a leaving assembly for him, where he gave a beautiful and inspirational speech for the students, thanking them for their support and telling them to work hard and have a dream.

Here are Friday’s words to you about his experiences and plans: ‘It is really like a dream to reach this stage with my scholarship. I have been accepted to Yamanashi Gakuin University, the college of Liberal Arts in Japan to study for a degree in Economics and Business Management.. This gives pride to my family and I. Many thanks to the Tujatane team for helping me to reach this stage. Also sincerely for the opportunity I was given to help at the school. I have learnt a lot from this school and I’m looking forward to learning more. In addition, I was very happy to share my experience with the pupils. Thank you so much Tujatane school for changing my life. With lots of Love.’

If you would like to see Friday’s leaving speech click:
and head to our YouTube page! From there, if you haven't seen them already you can also catch some the Tujatane original songs and flashbacks.

Can You Help Us Reach Greater Heights?
Preschool Education
In order to give our youngest pupils the best possible start in life we have identified a need for more teaching space. Just one more classroom and teacher would ensure that the preschool (ages 3 and 4) level and reception level (ages 5 and 6) have their own classes.

As you may be aware, preschool education is the life-blood of any education system and indeed, initial formal education. This level gives children a glimpse of what going to school means, at a time when these impressions will influence their continued education and life choices. As our preschool provision has grown, so has the need for funds in this area of education.

With our current set-up of shared facilities we are only able to offer the preschool children 25% of each day in the classroom, and the reception class 75% of classroom time. This, in line with Ministry of Education timetabling, is far below expectation. On top of this, both levels are taught by the same teacher.

We are seeking funds to create a separate preschool classroom, along with a dedicated preschool teacher, for our 3 and 4-year-old children. We must ensure that these foundation years are as positive and fruitful as they can be in order to give our Tujatane students the best education throughout their entire time with us, maintaining our commitment to give these children a brighter future.

If you would like further information about our preschool appeal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Vanessa on vanessa@tongabezi.com

Give As You Live
* Don’t forget that you can support Tujatane through your online shopping – without spending an extra penny! *

Please help us to continue providing an education to give rural Zambian children the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty into which they have been born.

All you have to do is sign up to Give as You Live and select us as your chosen charity. We will then receive a percentage of your spending every time you make a purchase through Give as You Live from any of the thousands of well-known branded stores! https://www.giveasyoulive.com/join/tujatane
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Sponsorship & Donations
If you are interested in supporting our food programme, would like to sponsor a child, or just make a general donation, please email vanessa@tongabezi.com for further details and check out our website www.tujatane.com.

Our sponsors are our lifeline and enable the school to run. Any donations to support the education of our children are hugely appreciated. A fantastic way to increase your sponsorship is through asking your employer to match your donations. A large number of companies are members of matched-giving schemes so if you have a regular gift to us, are raising funds through a sponsored event, or just want to make a one-off donation then do please mention it to your employer - you could be surprised, and we would be extremely grateful.

A Note from Our Deputy Head
Given all the above, we can now look at our output. Once again we want to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that your quest for an educated Africa is fulfilled.

We continue to work on our teaching and learning processes to ensure constant and meaningful improvement. This is reflected in our examination results and general student growth. We achieved 100% and 94% pass rates at Grade 7 and 9 respectively in last years’ examinations.

This is all incredibly important, not just for us, but for the future of Zambia. The pupils that made it to Grade 10 are now far higher in terms of formal education levels than most of their parents. Thanks to this, the families involved are assured a much brighter future as they see their children advancing to levels that they were not enabled to reach.

As the school turns 20 years old, it is clear that we have been reliably and continually improving the families and communities around us. It is obvious that everybody benefits from the education here. Thank you all for 20 years of Tujatane!

To our UK Trustees, we would like to convey our gratitude to you for all the work you are doing to see the school move forward.

To our Trustee Ron, we all say, ’Go! Go! Ron!’ as you run the Brighton Marathon! I hope you saw our Newsflash about Ron's challenge and if you would like to support him please visit www.justgiving.com/gandolfo to see his story and help him raise vital funds for our food programme. We know you will do great and we are with you all the way Ron!

To our sponsors and donors, we wouldn't be where we are today without you. We thank you most sincerely and hope we can continue to work together to create a better tomorrow for Tujatane's children. Thank you!
Evans Mwitumwa – Deputy Head teacher
A Message from our Head Boy and Girl
With the start of a new school year we have welcomed Faith as our Head Girl and Brian as our Head Boy. Faith, aged 15 says “It is a privilege for me because it gives me the opportunity to work with my fellow pupils, keep our school clean and maintain discipline. I wish to keep working hard academically and also as a Head Girl.” Brian says: “I am really happy and lucky to have a chance of being a leader at Tujatane. Being a leader is something I never thought I would have in my life and it is a privilege to me”.

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