2015 News!
November 2015

What a busy year it's been here at Tujatane! Tujatane is now 19 years old, and we've come a long way since our humble beginnings as a tiny school for children of Tongabezi's staff. Growing from that preschool with just 15 children and one staff member, Tujatane, Tongabezi Trust School in Livingstone Zambia, is now a thriving primary and lower secondary school with more than 250 children and 30 teachers and staff.
This would not have been possible without each and every donor and we would like to thank you for all your generosity. We hope that you know how much of an effect you have had on the lives of these children.
It has been an exciting year with our new art and sewing room up and running, our final classroom built, the Zambian President visiting and much, much more. We hope you will enjoy catching up on our 2015 news.
With gratitude and wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year from Vanessa and everyone at Tujatane.

For roughly the cost of two Cafe Mocha Venti you can feed a child both breakfast and lunch at Tujatane for a month. With 258 hungry tummies to feed it is a constant battle to meet our costs.
Without food in the children's tummies it is hard for them to perform to their full potential, as Faith in Grade 7 highlights: "Food makes us healthy and it makes us strong for concentration in class".
Tujatane supports incredibly deprived Zambian children and for some the meals they receive at school will be the only ones they have all day. Even sick children often come to school in order to get food as there may be none at home.
Not only do we strive to feed all our children, we also ensure that the food they receive is nutritionally balanced for growth and development. Martha in Grade 7 says: "My favourite meal is nsima (local maize meal) with beans and cabbage".
Please support our food programme this Christmas and give our children the most valuable Christmas present
. To donate to feed a child please click on one of the links below or email vanessa@tongabezi.com:


P.S. Perhaps you know someone who would love to receive this contribution as a gift for Christmas?

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With thanks to both the Metcalf family and Harald Goeb we have our very first art and sewing room and our latest classroom up and running.
Our children love art and have been very creative working together with Beth and all the staff. It has been a wonderful working space and a great asset to the school. We are also using the art room to cater for an adult sewing club three afternoons a week. Three of our members of staff are trained tailors and they are teaching mothers how to sew. We have set this community project up in conjunction with WorkAid- who donated the sewing machines - and it is going really well.
Sophie, one of our sewing teachers says: "The first project we had was to make a basic skirt. We had a fashion show where we each wore the skirts we had made. The women who are involved are very happy knowing how to make their own skirts and that it will cut their costs and in the long term enable them to do business. They are very grateful for the school's initiative. They say they will beg no more from their husbands and that they are empowered. They wish this programme to continue. Our next project is how to make a man's shirt." Everyone is looking forward to seeing the men in the next fashion show!

Our Grade 7 and Grade 9 children have been busy studying for their National exams. Grade 7 pupils sat their exams last month and some pupils said the Zambian Language and the Science papers were hard!
The Grade 9 pupils are in fact sitting their exams as we write. This is the second Grade 9 group we have had at Tujatane and the first ever National computer exam for this grade in Zambia. Our pupils were very excited. Mable, from Grade 9 says: "We are impressed with our ICT room as we have everything we need for our exam and it is more comfortable when it is hot with aircon!"
They feel very privileged to have desktop computers and access to the internet. This advantage is rare in Zambia and entirely thanks to the support of our donors.
Each child will need to pass these exams in order to qualify for the final three years of secondary level education at various secondary schools in Zambia. We are so proud of every one of them and hope to have some great results. Our sponsors have brought the children this far. You are fantastic!

Michael Coulson, who visited the school a couple of years ago, made a generous donation in order for us to build a great sports facility for our kids. Eric, our sports teacher, writes about the impact of this donation:
"For 18 years, pupils have played their ball games and marathons on rocky grounds. However, this unpleasant experience has become an old story. A local contractor together with some of our enthusiastic parents got together to upgrade our very basic sports ground. We now have a football pitch, netball court, volleyball court and basketball court, plus a running track and some seating areas for spectators.
Christopher (Grade 8) told me that before the grounds were upgraded, it was difficult to play football for they had to concentrate on where to step and how to trap the ball properly without falling down. He alluded that playing volleyball was not easy for one would be hurt if they dived for the ball. Now that the pitch has been put with river sand diving and playing the game is easy and enjoyable.

Mary Siavuta (from the village) commended the move that Michael made. She said that the community is so happy to have such a modern three-in-one court. In her speaking, she said that such grounds help people to learn how to balance and to be well focused. She notes “During the rainy season, it is easy to play netball, volleyball, and basketball. We have had problems when it came to rainy season because the area is muddy and slippery. Therefore, this condition never allowed us as the community team, and pupils of course, to play games apart from the indoor games I heard you conduct in classes.”
Now all that is missing is water and toilets, for which we will launch a new funding appeal. We look forward to welcoming Michael and his wife to the opening of our sports complex in January next year. Thank you again!

We were very privileged to receive a visit from Zambia’s President His Excellency Mr Edgar C Lungu on the 2nd June. The children put on an amazing performance for him and were super excited. The President very kindly donated K10,000, which is going to be used to fix the shade over our amphitheatre.

Many of you will have seen in our recent newsflash that Beth is leaving to focus more on her passion – art – and John has arrived to take over. We bid a sad farewell to Beth and also to Sydney who has moved to Lusaka with his family, and to Mel who has completed her two years with us. We wish Beth, Sydney and Mel all the best in their new ventures. Evans has been welcomed as our deputy head and is currently taking on the role of acting head while we interview for a new head teacher. As the school moves forward and the new team settles into place and brings in new ideas we look forward to watching Tujatane grow to yet the next level!
The support we receive from all over the world enables us to offer this education to the local community. We couldn’t do it without you.
We are delighted to tell you that Friday Chikwala, who was working in the Tongabezi garden and had lost his father, has gone on to a very exciting opportunity. We heard of a scholarship offered by Ashinaga, an NGO providing educational support to children who have lost one or both parents and had good academic qualifications. Friday had performed exceptionally well in his National exams with us so we assisted him with applying for this scholarship. Only one person from Zambia was chosen and this was Friday! It was a mission for him to organise all the paperwork, get a passport, and pack for his very first flight, yet now he is in Uganda preparing for his University studies. We are so proud and excited for Friday. Friday writes to us saying: "Life in Uganda is fine and everything is going well. I have found Ashinaga is a good place and interesting. Classes which are offered are very helpful in our preparation for the university and the programmes are very well organised."

(The top photo is of Friday with Terry,his uncle in the Tongabezi garden just before he left and the bottom photo Friday is in Uganda! He is in the middle)

If anyone has not yet ordered Christmas cards for this year please email Kay on jessopprice@hotmail.co.uk to place your order. We love seeing a little of our children’s creativity and spirit find a place in homes all over the world.
Our 2016 card is called ‘Lovely Trees of the African Savannah” and was made by Inonge, Michael and John in Grade 3.

A number of you will have generously sent funds to us through Peter and Elaine's Cogitare Foundation in New York. Peter and Elaine are dear friends and have been generously supporting our school for many years. With their help we have recently managed to set up a new method for US donors to send funds to us.

We are now collecting US donations through CAF America (Charities Aid Foundation of America). With CAF America it is possible to make your tax deductible donations on-line by simply clicking on the link below or mailing your donation using a CAF gift form (link below). We would like to thank all our USA donors for their invaluable support.
Mable, our head girl is particularly excited about our new sporting opportunities. “I am also excited with the new sports ground. It encourages pupils to play netball and football. It also gives us the opportunity to compete in sports with other schools.”

Fellan, our head boy says: “Tujatane has helped me with supporting me in my education and I am so grateful. At another school I would not have had the chance to type and learn on computers and this has empowered me.”

“Thank you!”

We are looking for sponsors for our beautiful children. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child please email vanessa@tongabezi.com. We will send you the background of your child and each term you will receive a piece of work from your child, a report of how they are doing and an update from Tujatane.
To become a sponsor simply email vanessa@tongabezi.com and we will send you the background of your child.
You can change the life of a child by giving them an education! A huge thank you to all our sponsors.

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