Term 2 2013
August 2013

Term 2 has been another busy one. Sydney Himwiita has shown what it takes to multitask - (who said men were not good at this!) Sydney has been acting head, deputy head, head of science as well as our performing arts teacher. With our wonderful team of teachers and assistants we have managed for another term waiting for the permit for our new headteacher to be approved.

UNWTO - The United Nations World Tourism Organisation
This year The United Nations World Toursim Organisation met in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The UNWTO are responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally acceptable tourism and membership includes 156 countries.
It was such a lovely event for us as a school because we were selected on merit to represent all the basic schools in Zambia to perform to delegates from all over the world. About 800 delegates were present. This meant a lot to us because we knew we had an opportunity to showcase our individual talents to the rest of the World. There was only one other school in Zambia chosen to perform. Our traditional dancers together with Sydney Himwiita were put up in Livingstone town for a week whilst the UNWTO took place and were 'on call' to perform at any time, which they did once or twice every day. They loved every minute and the VIP's were amazed by the talent, energy and passion our children displayed. A number of the delegates were encouraged by our children to join in the dancing. Fun was had by all and Tujatane was recognised once again for its dancing and drumming talent. The Education Permanent Secretary praised our school for its inspirational and talented performances, and encouraged us to continue working hard, and also to involve the pupils in the Fine Arts as well as the Performing Arts. We were regarded as role models for the youth of Zambia.

Sydney on honeymoon
Sydney, our deputy head and performing arts director was married to the beautiful Nellah on 11th August in Livingstone. Before the wedding we found that the National finals of the performing arts festival were to be held in Kitwe on 12th August - just a day after the wedding! Having won the local, district and provincial rounds, our kids were off to Kitwe to defend their title as National champions in traditional dance and to compete for the National trophy in poetry and drama too.
This was the most competitive festival we have entered. I got married the day before the festival began. I had the dilemma of whether to attend the festival or go on my honeymoon. However, little did I know I was going to get full support from my new wife and the school at large in solving this problem. The pupils left by bus with two members of staff and were very disappointed with my absence. My heart desired to be with the children but at the same time my honeymoon was waiting. The school surprised us with two air tickets to Kitwe and we managed to watch all the activities and enjoy our honeymoon at the same time. Tujatane kids emerged victorious in the traditional dance category yet again taking the title of National Champions and third Nationally in both the poetry and drama categories. I was awarded Best Director and Best Costume design (a happy moment). Best Instrumentalist went to Nchimunya Siandubu, Best script Drama and Poetry awarded to the school. The award for the most relevant poem also went to the school.
The Tujatane pupils were enriched by this exposure to the multi-cultural performances from the 9 provinces of Zambia. They did the school proud!

We would like to thank all our donors for your generous support in providing funds for our transport, costumes, meals and accommodation in Kitwe. Without this we would not have been able to achieve this honour.

The Oxford Reading Tree!
Sheila Williams, a qualified teacher from the UK, (who had volunteered at Tujatane) together with her partner Paul fundraised for an Oxford Reading Tree Scheme for the younger kids. With English as a second language and 72 different languages in Zambia it is important to teach reading well! Iness, our preschool and reception teacher says: "When we got the books we had a workshop on how best to use the books. For the parents we looked at how they can help their children at home and for the teaching assistants we looked at how they can reinforce and consolidate the new words the children learnt. The children love the stories and the suggested activities in the books have been very helpful." Rollela, our Grade 3 teacher says: "The children can re-tell and role play what they have read. Reading has become fun for them."

Elephants on the way to school!
This year we have had a huge number of elephant around the villages where the children live most of the time. The children have had to be very careful when walking to school as they have often found a herd of elephant blocking their way either to or from school. Some children walk for over an hour to get to school (as young as 3 years) and with the elephant on route it has been quite stressful for them. It is exciting to have elephant around the school but it is also a danger for the children. Our Chongolo Club (environmental) club went to visit the elephant at Thorntree Lodge where they were able to touch them and feed them. This helped the children learn about the elephant.

Jayson says" My name is Jayson. I would like to tell you a story about elephants. Elephants are very big and strong animals, and elephants can carry very heavy things. A baby elephant is called a calf and elephants have long noses called trunks. Elephants eat grass and leaves and twigs. When an elephant is angry it can break trees or trumpets." Mary says" They spray water on their bodies with their trunks."

Sports Day - with a new style of ambulance!
Another year has gone by and with the expansion of our school to 225 pupils it was decided that 3 teams was just not enough! We now have 4 teams - Zambezi, Luangwa, Kafue and Luapula - the names of various rivers in Zambia. Rudy, the Tongabezi Manager gave a great speech about how important sports is to life and health and encouraged the children to enjoy the day whether they were winners or not and our sports day began. You can see from the photo that the reception boys were a bit unsure about the starting whistle - some boys shot off before and so the race had to be re run. The girls on the other hand were listening carefully! A number of children won multi events showing their skills on the sports ground and parents often scooped up their child as they collapsed just past the finishing line to celebrate their victory with them whilst dancing their traditional Zambian moves. Our ambulance/bike went around checking on children and making sure they were hydrated and ok. When the teachers and assistants had their race the competition was high - we have some very fit staff members (who had been practicing for this race!) and some very competitive members. The children loved watching the staff run. Luangwa House came out the winners and were thrilled to claim the cup once again. Kafue was a close second. Fun was had by all. The day ended with exhausted but happy children filling their tummies with burgers and juice at the school kitchen.

Sports volunteer Morgan teaches the children new sports
Morgan, who is studying to be a sports teacher in the UK, kindly volunteered at Tujatane and as you can imagine she got very involved in our sports programme. She also helped in our Grade 5 class and got to love the kids there. The children are asking ...When is Morgan coming back! Here are a few words from Morgan on her time at Tujatane:
'My experience at Tujatane School is one I will never forget. Working in the classroom with the grade 5's and teaching new sports to them which they hadn't heard of, and seeing how enthusiastic they all are. I am grateful for every moment I spent at Tujatane - from the children teaching me their local language, to me teaching them parts of the English culture.
One moment I will never forget is when I taught a couple of grade 5's a rhyme and the next day all the grade 5's knew the rhyme as well as some of the grade 6's."

Tujatane home grown vegetables from the garden to the kitchen!
Tongabezi have kindly offered a section of their vegetable garden to be used by Tujatane Kids to grow some vegetables for our lunch programme. We needed a well fenced and electrified area where elephant, monkeys and hippo are unable to enter! Kate Young, our science/maths co-ordinator set up the garden programme together with Richard our Grade 5 teacher and of course our gardening club kids plus a few helpful parents. The enthusiasm and passion given to the growth of the vegetables has been very encouraging and at the end of term we had our first harvest ready to eat. It was very exciting having home grown vegetables on the children's lunch plates. The amount grown is not a huge amount (when feeding 225 children!) but it is motivating for the children to see that they can produce food. We are hoping to build a small garden shed to keep the equipment and small potting plants. The top picture shows Elizabeth, the school chef with one of the children having collected spinach to top up on lunch. A proud moment.

Further studies for our school leavers - Piet goes to study medicine!
We are thrilled to let you all know that our recent secondary school leavers have been busy applying for places at various colleges and universities in order to further their education. Piet was our top acheiver and he has been accepted by the University of Zambia to study medicine, Phinias (in the picture) and Namokoma have been accepted at the Chereso University to study Clinical Medicine, Mischek has a place at the Zambian College of Agriculture, Stella is studying banking in Lusaka, Paul Malambo has been accepted to study accountancy in Lusaka and Paul Kamwi has been accepted at the Victoria Falls University to study teaching. It is all very exciting for these children but we are still desperately looking for more funds to help cover these costs. If anyone feels they would be able to help in any way please email me vanessa@tongabezi.com for more information. We are trying to help to change the future of these Tujatane children and we would like to thank all our sponsors for helping.

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