Term 1 2013
June 2013

2013 has seen the expansion of Tujatane into a Primary and Lower Secondary School. It has been a very exciting time for the staff and pupils and a challenging one too! As usual the term has been filled with fun activities and events for the pupils and the community. We hope our latest news finds all our friends and supporters well wherever you are! Thank you for growing with us x

National Grade 7 results are in!
On December 29th during the Christmas holidays, the National Grade 7 results came in! All of our 19 students passed with excellent results and overall as a school we came 2nd in the Livingstone area. We are very proud of all the students and their teachers who worked so hard once again to prepare the children so that they could perform to their potential. The results far exceeded our expectations. All the students have graduated to grade 8 and for the very first time we are able to keep them at Tujatane for the next crucial stage of their education!

Tujatane proudly opens its first grade 8 class!
In January 2013 the first ever Grade 8 class at Tujatane started their lessons and last years grade 7 pupils were thrilled to be back, leading the way forward in the new lower secondary level. We have a total of 24 pupils in the grade 8 class, 19 are from last years Grade 7 class, 3 are past pupils who have come to repeat Grade 8 and 2 are new pupils from within our community who got excellent results in their Grade 7 exams.

Last term the soon to be Grade 8 class decided that they should have a new school uniform for 2013 that would distinguish them from the rest of the Primary school (Grade 8 & 9 is considered Lower Secondary in Zambia). So the pupils worked on designing their new uniforms as a group project in November after they had finished their exams. They all had input on the colour scheme and design options and a tailor from Livingstone gave us a very competitive rate to make them up for each child.

The pupils are very proud of their new uniforms and always look so smart for school, despite the challenges posed by no power and relentless rain in this rainy season!
Thanks again to Leigh Samuels for her amazing fundraising for the expansion of the school up through grades 8 & 9!

Another challenge for Honour and more fundraising for Tujatane!
Our dear friend Honour is once again taking part in a fundraising adventure for the school. This time she is racing in ‘The Fastnet” a 608 mile race from Cowes to the Fastnet Rock off the South West of Ireland, back around the outside of the Scilly Isles (off the South West of England coast) and over the finish line in Plymouth. Honour is donating 100% of all her fundraising to the school and covers all her entry costs herself. If you would like to know more or to help Honour reach her goal please visit her JustGiving site here

Thank you Honour!

The School Garden
This term Tujatane staff and students started a gardening project. Not only will this save the school money in the future on cabbages, tomatoes and vegetables for the children’s lunch but it will provide a range of learning opportunities for them in science and cross-curricular activities. In the past, gardening projects have been a challenge for many reasons, one big one being the elephants, monkeys and other animal and insects that like to munch through the delicious veggies! Tongabezi have kindly allowed us to use some of their beds in a protected area, which has a fence around it.

The different grades tend to the weeding and planting of the beds throughout the week and have monitors to make sure that the area is managed properly. There are also a team of parent volunteers who come and help and in return they can join our lunch feeding programme on the days they volunteer. Hopefully we will start to see results in the kitchen soon!

Tujatane pupils to star in Zambian Movie
Our Deputy Head, Sydney, and 11 of the pupils (pictured here) have been selected after auditions to have roles in an up and coming film being made in Livingstone. The director is the first lady director in Zambia and she recently visited the school to explain a bit about the film and ask if any of our pupils and staff would like to audition for parts. She had heard about the reputation of Tujatane and our talented students!

The film is to be showed at the International Film Festival of Zambia during the UNWTO in August later this year. The film is about a blind girl who has to fight for her education. Certain scenes of the film are to be shot at Tujatane as the crew were so impressed with our green and environmental grounds. The film is also being taken to other film festivals around the world. We will let you know more once the film is completed and hopefully it will available to view online.

Grade 12 pupils graduate high school! (We are looking for sponsors to help them in tertiary education - anyone interested please read!)
We are thrilled to let you know that Tujatane's 3rd round of G12 graduates completed their end of school exams last year and the results are in! Of the original 24 who completed primary level at Tujatane, 16 have now completed Grade 12. Overall, they performed extremely well and had some of the highest results we have seen at this level! This group of young adults were pupils at Tujatane from Reception class to grade 7 (2000-2007). They all went on to study at secondary schools in Zambia, with sponsorship through Tujatane from their individual sponsors. Thank you so much to all these sponsors who have enabled these pupils to complete their schooling.

These children live in the local villages with no running water and generally no electricity. They have proved that they can work hard and do well in their studies. Without sponsorship to help them with this next step, they will not be able to go to the next level.

We have pupils wishing to apply for medical courses, drama, accountancy as well as 2 VERY hopeful students hoping to follow in the footsteps of Arnold, who managed to get sponsored a few years ago to complete his commercial pilots license in the USA. Arnold now works for the flying doctors in Ndola in Northern Zambia and has inspired so many of the children at primary and secondary levels.

Please click here to see the proposals for our top applicants and if anyone is keen to help in any way please email me Vanessa@tongabezi.com for more information.

The first two groups to complete grade 12 (pre school’s from 1996/98) were lucky enough to be sponsored by the amazing Cogitare Foundation. They sponsored Arnold mentioned above and they are currently sponsoring a large number of others. Chimuka who is completing his medical degree in USA, Jane and Dathan who are studying Law in Lusaka, Mundia who is studying clinical medicine, Mutinta who is studying nursing, Miyanda who has completed insurance, to name just a few. Cogitare Foundation are changing the lives of so many of our children thanks to their generosity and dedication but now we need to find other sources for sponsorship!

Grade 8 field trips with Tongabezi
Throughout February our G8 pupils have been going in small groups to a popular local birding site, the wildlife ponds just outside of Livingstone, for a birding safari. Bird watching is a very popular activity for visitors to Zambia and draws people from all over the world. Zambia has an incredibly rich variety of habitats and this is reflected in its incredibly rich variety of birds. It is exciting for the pupils to get to share in the experience of some of the activities that tourists enjoy and it is also a great way to support their study of birds and adaptation.

The pupils were accompanied by Tongabezi guides and armed with binoculars and bird books. The pupils were able to spot many species of birds, and to observe feeding, nesting and breeding habits. The transport and guides were very generously donated to the school by Tonagbezi. Thank you Tongabezi!

Sewing Project & Workaid
We are very excited to report that we were recently awarded an assignment of reconditioned, secondhand sewing machines and gardening tools from a UK based charity called Workaid. Workaid aims to tackle poverty by providing disadvantaged people with the tools they need to learn a skilled trade and earn a living.

Here at Tujatane we plan to start a sewing project that will aim to develop local women's sewing and tailoring skills so that they can provide much needed services for local businesses.

Workaid receive and repair all their donated tools but are also always in need of cash donations to cover the shipping costs of sending the items to projects like Tujatane. If anyone would like to know more about Workaid or to make a donation of any kind please click here to go straight to their website.

Fundraising help!
This year we have 225 pupils at Tujatane and we are still looking for sponsors for over 50 of them! We are currently relying on general one off donations from guests at Tonagbezi to cover the missing funds for these children but we are desperate to find sponsors for them all and meet our monthly costs for running the school. Sponsorship of a child pays for your childs school fees and covers our essential costs to run the school: teachers & assistants salaries, classroom materials and electricity.

Without sponsorship of all our kids we cannot meet the demands of the school, fulfil the potential of the children or plan for the future. We are growing every year and are in more and more need of sponsors who can commit to paying a regular contribution, no matter the amount.

If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsorship please dont hesitate to either contact Vanessa at vanessa@tongabezi.com or set up a monthly donation online with JustGiving by clicking the button below.

Sponsoring a child costs £40 per month or $750 a year or to sponsor a tummy on the feeding programme is £6/$10 per month per child for breakfast and lunch but ANY regular amount makes a huge difference.

For GBP Donations

Please email emma@tujatane.com or download our UK donations form

UK Charity Status - "The Charitable Trust for The Tongabezi Trust School"
Registration number 1096710
Email. jessopprice@hotmail.co.uk

USA Donors can claim their tax deductions by donating through CAF America. Click Here

Newsletters will be put on our school website under updates and details on making a donation are also on www.tongabezitrustschool.com

Comments/feedback welcomed

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