Term 3 2012
January 2013

Another year has passed and what fun and games we have had at Tujatane. We are very happy to report that Tongabezi and Tujatane received a Global Vision Award this term for service to the community! We hope you enjoy hearing our news and we wish you all a very Happy 2013!

More Uniforms from Honour and Jennifer

You may remember Honour from our previous newsletters, most recently from Term 3 2011, where we featured an article about Honour taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, to raise funds for the school. Honour and her Mum Jennifer also donate school uniforms to the school regularly and this term Honour came to visit us with 2 enormous suitcases full of dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts.

Pupils in Reception, Grades 1, 2, 3 and Grades 6 and 7 have received a new uniform. The children love uniform so much and are so proud to look smart and ready to learn! Thank you so much once again Jennifer and Honour for making this amazing contribution.

If anyone has any second hand grey/navy/black and baby blue/white shirts or see’s cheap specials and would like to send them to us please do! Regular post is the most reliable (unless of course you would like to deliver them in person!) and you can send to our school address at Tujatane, Tongabezi Trust School, P.O. Box 60113, Livingstone, Zambia or email Beth at manager@tujatane.com for more info. A big thanks to all of you who already do this! It makes such a difference to the kids who LOVE their uniforms!

Everyday Challenges

Everyday, life brings new challenges, some days greater than others. Sometimes we know what to do; sometimes we think we know what to do and sometimes we feel lost and helpless.

How do you help a single mother who has been attacked and stabbed in the eyes leaving her blind and unable to look after her children? How do you stop a man from beating his terrified children or raping his wife or daughter? How do you help that man see and understand the damage he is doing? How do you help his confused children break this cycle? How do you help a child who you think may be infected with HIV when you can’t test them, and knowing the answer changes nothing without the necessary support?

At Tujatane we believe that by holding hands together, we can see our way through the challenges that we face in our community and offer hope, as well as a top quality education. Our door is always open and with the help of YOU, our supporters in our extended global community, we can find our way together. Thank you all for your support.

Health Day

The November 2012 Health Day was a great success. We had personnel from ministry of health, a clinical officer, a lab technician, two psychosocial counsellors, a dental assistant and two nurses - seven in total. There were also two psychosocial counsellors from Society for Family Health and two lawyers from Women's Legal Aid Clinic who gave talks on human rights to parents, and then pupils. Mr. Borribon, GM at Tonagbezi Lodge came as our guest of honour.

The services on offer were HIV VCT (voluntary counseling and testing), general check-ups, dental, antenatal and under five and malaria testing. Each area was set up in a different part of the school.

Joining our clinics we had 68 Tujatane parents and 32 general community members as well as all the 196 pupils and a number of other children from the general community.

Newborn children came to the under 5 clinic for registering and weighing. All the under 5’s were checked for their weight and also for bilharzia which the children often get from the river water.

Mosquito nets were distributed to the parents and members of the community as well as bottles of chlorine water treatment.

We also have great news from the community that the local clinic in Simonga Village has finally opened their clinic! This should really help the community deal with some of the easy to treat and routine ailments. We will keep you posted on our Health News again soon. If you would like to donate to our Health Fund and help us continue these types of Health services and events please go straight to our Just Giving Health page or contact Beth at manager@tujatane.com

Early Years Training - Iness goes to Cape Town!

In October 2012 I went to Cape Town, South Africa for a 14-day professional development trip. My hosts for the duration of the trip were Jo Labouchere and her family. During my spare time Jo and her family made sure I saw all the sights including Table Mountain, all the shops and a tour of the city! It was my first time in South Africa and I really had a great time. They were so kind to me and made sure I felt at home while I was there.

The programme was very busy and during my stay I participated in Word works training and KIKUS training, which is a German developed training programme to help teach English as a second language. As Head of Pre-School and Reception at Tujatane, the children in my classes are learning English for the first time. I also learnt a lot about ADD/ADHD during the trip and now have a much clearer idea about how to recognize some of the signs. I also got to meet and work with a speech therapist for small children which was very interesting as we have a number of children with speech problems such as stammers at Tujatane.

These learning issues and disabilities are not really recongised in Zambia yet and there is very limited access to training of this type. Jo is an early years and special needs specialist and during trip I was able to shadow her through her work in various schools and also at home where she has children come for special classes. Jo is extremely dedicated and passionate about what she does and her home is full of resources and books, which I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with together with Jo. Jo also helped me with getting some resources to bring back with me to Tujatane.

Since my return I have been able to share many of the skills I learnt with the other lower school teachers and assistants. We have started a special ‘Word works’ club that we run in the afternoon. My plan is that as this programme develops we will introduce some training to parents who can come and help facilitate the club. I really hope that I will be able to continue this kind of professional development and I would like to say a very big thank you to Jo for being such a great host and trainer as well as to Mara Pauker, our dear friend in America, who financailly supported this trip and continues to fundraise for us.

Leigh Samuels and our New Grade 8 & 9 Classrooms!

This year we had the most incredible donation from a young lady called Leigh Samuels. Leigh visited the school in July 2010 while on holiday with her family and she fell in love with the kids and the school. Leigh wanted to help the children and make a difference to their education so she embarked on a fundraising mission to raise enough money for us to extend the school from a primary (up to grade 7) to a lower secondary (up to grade 9). How did Leigh plan on raising such a large amount of money? She decided to host the most wonderful party for her Bat Mitzvah which was themed “The Power of One”.

All the tables at Leigh’s party were named after a person who has changed the lives of others and after her trip to Tujatane she decided that Vanessa Parker would be honored as one of these people and that any gifts and proceeds of the event would all go towards Tujatane’s Grade 8 & 9 classroom development.

In fact not only did Leigh raise enough money for us to build both these classes, she also enabled us to build an extension for a new Head and Deputy’s office as well as upgrade one of our existing classes and make it into a maths and science laboratory. The Lab, featured in the previous newsletter, has been a crucial part of the expansion to lower secondary as the syllabus demands more practical and experimental work.

Leigh has inspired us all at the school and the pupils who are about to start Grade 8 for the very first time cant believe that so much has been made possible by a young person of the same age as themselves.

“It’s amazing to think that someone our age can do something like fundraise for whole new buildings and make it possible for a whole school to grow.”

“We are the top of the school and the first ever Grade 8 at Tujatane. That is something to be proud of!” Kamwi and Bernadette.

“We would like to thank Leigh Samuels in America for everything she has done for us. I think if she was a pupil in Zambia she would be in our class!” John

We are so blessed that Leigh was so inspired by her visit to the school and we hope to see her back here some day soon. The power of one is truly amazing!

Everisto goes to France!

Many of you will remember one of our very special pupils, Everisto Chabalanda. Everisto and his family kindly volunteered to be filmed for a documentary about the school some years ago (if you haven’t seen ‘A day in 3 lives’ you can view it on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/tujatane ).
Everisto managed to get a place at Kingswood College in South Africa 2 years ago with the support of the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation. He has excelled in his academics, sports and all areas of his development and we are so proud. He will be sitting his end of school Matric exams at the end of the year and we will keep you informed of his plans! Here is a report from Everisto after his trip to France in August last year.

“France! The biggest present I have ever had from anyone ever! Being in Paris was something that I never expected in my life and being in France for my 18th birthday was just so overwhelming! It is one of the best feelings that no one will ever take away from me...friends singing happy birthday for me under the sparkling Eiffel Tower ten minutes before my birthday. It was too emotional. We flew to Nice the next day and midway through the flight I was asked to please join the captain in the cockpit, where I was donned with headphones and experienced the entire journey up front even as we landed in Nice! I felt like a celebrity!
I’ve never been in a group of such nice people before. Everyone was so nice to me, especially our chaperone, Madam Jenny! She was incredibly awesome.

When people say they’ve been left expressionless; that’s me. From the day the Visa came out, I couldn't hold back the excitement. I’d like to thank my amazing mother who struggled through with me doing all the paper work for the visa and to everyone involved especially Tujatane, special mentions to Vanessa Parker and Beth Pound for their tireless help and good organizing skills. The trip was an amazing success. Finally a huge thanks to Susan Sarandon, one of my sponsors and such a generous lady to pay for this trip. I don't even know what to say! You have made me believe that there are people out there who can be so dedicated to helping other people and that there is always hope! Because of so many peoples hard work, I had the time of my life and I’ve seen Europe!

New managers House

It has certainly been a very busy year for Mr. Phiri, our foreman, and his team of local builders. As well as the new classes and other projects this year he has also been busy building the school a managers house to add to our staff housing! We would like to say a very special thanks to the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation who donated the funds for this project. Our manager, Beth, moved into the house in December and loves her new home.

“It’s great to finally be in the house having spent months drawing and planning all the details and working with the building team. It’s been great fun and a big challenge. We are really enjoying the space and have some exciting plans for the garden and outside space. The gauze doors are wonderful and we have a lovely breeze coming through the house all the time and no mosquitoes and bugs at night when they are closed. The rainy season has seen the bush reclaim the area around the house and every big window or door is a flood of green! We both love living in the bush and being so close to the school is a big help to me as well as a benefit to the school. Thank you so much to everyone at the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation!" Beth Pound

Juju and Lele bring the circus to Tujatane

In November we were very lucky to meet and welcome a very special couple to the school called Juju and Lele. Juju and Lele are from Brazil and are travelling around Africa and Asia, bringing the circus to children from less privileged backgrounds. They spent an afternoon interacting with the children, learning some African dance moves, teaching the kids some Brazilian ones as well as new songs and of course some circus tricks!

“The magic of the circus comes from the way it empowers individuals to overcome challenges. The jumps, aerial dancing, and trapeze serve to focus one’s powerful and even violent energies by controlling the consequences. They also allow the practitioner to bring their fears under control through effort and discipline.”

See more at Juju and Lele's Circus Blog

Juju danced through the air in a long piece of fabric hanging from a tree, which she called the ‘tissue’. She showed us how to hang and relax as well as swing and climb using your feet. It felt amazing!

Lele had a slack line suspended between 2 trees and he showed us how to balance and walk along it. I didn’t think it was possible but I made 5 steps before falling off and my friend even went backwards.

Juju and Lele also came back to the school the following week to join in our celebrations at the school Christmas party and give the children another afternoon of practicing their skills. We all really enjoyed meeting them both and hope that they continue for a long time meeting new schools and sharing the circus!

Juju and Lele are currently in India and you can follow their travels at the above link to their Blog.

Sponsor a child

This year we have 225 pupils at Tujatane and we are still looking for sponsors for over 50 of them! We are currently relying on general one off donations from guests at Tonagbezi to cover the missing funds for these children but we are desperate to find sponsors for them all and meet our monthly costs for running the school.
Sponsorship pays for the teachers and assistants salaries, money to pay for electricity and the basic classroom materials needed for each class. Our sponsors receive a piece of work each term from their child (which starts with splashes of paint or hand prints on paper when they are in preschool and progresses to difficult mathematical questions or English comprehension!) together with a letter from the teacher on the terms events and the childs report.

Without sponsorship of all our kids we cannot meet the demands of the school, fulfil the potential of the children or plan for the future. We are growing every year and are in more and more need of sponsors who can commit to paying a regular contribution, no matter the amount.

Please dont hesitate to either contact Vanessa at vanessa@tongabezi.com or set up a monthly donation online with JustGiving by clicking the button below.

Sponsor a child costs £40 per month or $750 a year but any regular amount makes a huge difference.

For GBP Donations

Please email emma@tujatane.com or download our UK donations form

UK Charity Status - "The Charitable Trust for The Tongabezi Trust School"
Registration number 1096710
Email. jessopprice@hotmail.co.uk

USA Donors can claim their tax deductions by donating through CAF America. Click Here

Newsletters will be put on our school website under updates and details on making a donation are also on www.tongabezitrustschool.com

Comments/feedback welcomed

The Tongabezi Trust School
PO Box 60113, Livingstone, Zambia
email: vanessa@tongabezi.com

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