Kids in the Wild 2012
In early December, using a grant from the Elephant Charge, we took a group of our sponsored kids on a 5 day safari to Kafunta River Lodge. But with 120 sponsored kids and limited places how did we choose who to take? Well, we asked them to write an original story with a moral about conservation and picked the writers of the best 25.

Although these kids live on the edge of one of Africa’s best National Parks they rarely, if ever, venture over the Luangwa River and get a chance to see the wildlife. Most often their wildlife encounters are when an elephant raids their fields and destroys a whole years’ worth of maize. At ‘Kis in the Wild’ we encourage them to understand that the wildlife and surrounding environment is their future and if they disappear, through poaching or deforestation, they will no longer have tourism bringing an income to the area.

'Kids in the Wild 2012' was just as successful as last year; and the friendly and dedicated staff at Kafunta make everyone welcome. The kids went on game drives, swam in the pool, played endless games and generally enjoyed the luxury of the chalets and lodge life. For many it was their first time to see some of the animals as well as their first taste of Western food. When asked if they enjoyed themselves everyone gave Kafunta a big ‘thumbs up’. THANK YOU Kafunta.

If you’d like to see a short film about this scheme click here for ‘Kids in the Wild 2011’.
New Year, New Sponsorship
As we come to the end of 2012 we are already thinking about 2013 and the new school year . . . and the new school year means that, once the previous year’s exam results are out, there’ll be countless pupils looking for sponsorship. Project Luangwa arranges sponsorship for pupils who are classed as vulnerable – some may have both parents whilst others are orphans living with their extended family. In an area where most families have very little or no income and live by subsistence farming few families can afford school fees, uniform and even shoes. When we select who to sponsor we don't just look at academic performance we ask, ‘Will this child attend school if we don’t help?’.

But, whilst these kids need your financial support to get an education, they also know that when they are sponsored someone, somewhere cares. I'll be adding kids who need support to the sponsorship webpage over the next few weeks - if you'd like a reminder when the programme starts send me an email.

Now you can see us in action
Thanks to Norman Lofts and Lisa Woods of SnowyOwlFilms in Canada you can now watch several short films about Project Luangwa on You Tube. There are six films in all, ranging from 'Building Classrooms' staring Dave to Pilot Post and a general introduction to Project Luangwa's work.

And if you are missing Mfuwe Norman even put together a short colourful film about the town. Just go to this link You Tube and you'll find all six films. Thank you Norman and Lisa.
Thank you . . . .
. . . . . . to everyone who has helped, bought books for the Reading Scheme, brought stationery, sent all sorts of useful stuff, sponsored pupils and donated much needed funds so that we can help the community of South Luangwa.

Your kind generosity has made a huge difference to the children and community of South Luangwa - 2012 has been a successful year and we've been able to many children thanks all your efforts. Thank you everyone.

and lastly . . .
. . . we wish you a very happy Christmas and a really great New Year.

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