I can't believe it. A month ago I was a Facebook phobic and now I've become a convert. Oh - I still have a few technical hitches (quite a few actually) and I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing but I do enjoy posting the highs and lows of what's happening at Project Luangwa each day.

So have a look at our Facebook page and please click on the 'Like button' so that you'll be kept up to date with all the every-day 'goings on' that don't make it to the newsletter.

Rats, bats, laughter and tears
In June a PL volunteer arrived in Mfuwe for a six week stay having arranged to live in a rural village and teach English at a community school. She is a mother and teacher from the USA and this was only the second time that she'd left America – the first was on a school trip to Europe.

Nothing had prepared her for what she was about to experience: a whole roasted rat on a plate, bugs and bats, an invasion of dragon ants, a wedding, a funeral, a lifetime's worth of love and laughter and to have her heart broken into a thousand pieces. Read Kris' story here.
You wash and I'll dry
Not so long ago we asked some of the local kids at the primary schools to each draw their favourite animal. Elephants were a great favourite but there were also giraffe, buffalos, crocodiles and even a couple of ‘snecks’.

These amazing pictures have now been incorporated into a unique design for a Project Luangwa tea towel and this will soon be on sale in some of our supporting lodges. They'll make great presents and the good news is that 100% of the profits will directly benefit the kids and schools in South Luangwa. You can see the wild animal design in detail and meet some of the artists here on our website.

But that isn't all. Chris Mead and her husband Pete, along with volunteers from Elmtree School in the UK, have been busy hand printing cards. There are 5 designs and every single kwatcha raised from the sale of these cards helps P L. Our thanks to Peter and his hardworking team. See more here.

If you can’t get to Zambia to buy your cards or tea towels all is not lost. Send me an email and I’ll let you know as soon as we have sorted out our international sales.

Katapila Party
If you read Kris Biddle's story you'll know that we recently held a big party at Katapila Community School to celebrate that all 69 of the trees that the kids planted last year are all still well and truly alive and to say good-bye to their beloved volunteer teacher. Almost all 317 pupils attended and took part in 3-legged races, dance competitions, sang, blew bubbles, threw water bomb balloons and ate. You can see a whole gallery of photos of the event by clicking here.
Would you be up to the challenge?
Two of our supporters Zu (10) and Titus (8) MacDermot are just back from Peru and, whilst they are still fit and acclimatised to great heights, they've taken on the Three Peaks Challenge. This involves climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales . . . in 24 hours. But Zu and Titus' mum feels that the boys need their sleep and so they will do their climbing over a few days this August. Titus is raising money for Winston's Wish, a bereavement charity whilst Zu is once again helping the kids in South Luangwa through Project Luangwa.

Both boys have done a lot to help PL in the past including selling conkers at school. If you would like to help Zu in his latest quest to support PL - climbing these three mountains is not easy and he needs as much encouragement as we can give him - go to Zu's Just Giving page and donate whatever you can. Thank you everyone and good luck to the boys.

The last couple of months . . .
. . . have been busy with volunteers coming to teach English or help in the office. We can't mention them all in the newsletter but we will try to feature them all on Facebook. A big thank you to all our generous supporters who have kindly donated schools supplies or funded projects or text books.

Thank you everyone - you've made a great difference and we couldn't do without you.

Visit our website for more info www.projectluangwa.org. To donate simply click here.

If you shop online you can support PL by going through www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/projectluangwa

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