Chipolopolo comes to town
Ask any Zambian about sport and all they'll talk about is football. So imagine the excitement of the Mfuwe Junior Football League when some members of 'Chipolopolo', Zambia's National football team, visited Mfuwe. Chipolopolo's recent success in winning the final of the Africa Cup of Nations has made them national heroes.

Queues of young footballers, from the Mfuwe Junior Football League, lined up to shake hands with their heroes at a special friendly match arranged by Project Luangwa. Miniature footballs, signed by the visitors, were given out to the team captains and then, as one, all eight teams performed an impromptu traditional dance led by one of our coaches. However the dancing and rhythms were too hard to resist and before to long the big guys joined in too.

We hope that some team members will return to present the new Project Luangwa Cup later this year and, together with Ron Cowan from Kafunta Safaris, we hope to arrange a workshop from the national team's coaches.
Head to head
Sometimes, when a sponsor comes to South Luangwa for a safari, they find the time to meet their sponsored school pupil. During his recent stay in Mfuwe Rob Ingham visited his sponsored pupil, Levison, at his home in a tiny village where he lives with his mother and two sisters. Levison attains good marks in all of his subjects and proudly showed Rob his exercise books whilst his young sister entertained his fellow guests with her knowlege of her ABC.

We encourage everyone to visit their child if they can and if you are a sponsor who would like to meet your child - simply send me an email.

Happy Readers = Happy Kids
Learning English and learning to read at the same time isn't easy and yet we expect just this from Zambian kids in their first couple of years at school. In rural areas where children hear only their local language spoken at home it is especially hard.

Learning is hampered by a lack of books or, where books exsist in a school, a lack of suitable books. And, once they need to be able to read English in order to learn - as opposed to learning to read - their lack of reading skills hinders all learning.

Happy Readers are books written for Southern African kids learning to read in English. The first set of 9 books, ABC Picture Dictionaries, flash cards and posters enables a child to progress from recognising letters and their sounds through to reading these simple and well illustated books.

We pleased to say that with our supporters' generosity we have now put several sets of these books into two community schools in the Mfuwe area. The kids love them and learning to read is now an colourful and exciting experience.

Happy Readers aren't expensive but are invaluable when it comes to learning to read. If you would like to help us get more Happy Readers into schools you can find out more here.
New Classrooms for Mnkhanya
Recently the Estelle Trust visited us to see how we were using their donation towards the new library at Mfuwe Day Secondary School. We took this opportunity to take them to see a tiny school not far from the airport.

Mnkhanya Community School has being doing a great deal with very little. For some time five teachers have been teaching 400 pupils split into 7 grades in just 2 run down classrooms with very few desks.

Our visitors were so taken with the needs of children and the efforts that the community has made towards their little school that they offered to help. We are delighted to say that the Estelle Trust has agreed to fund a new classroom block which will contain 3 new classrooms as well storerooms and teachers' offices.

This will enable the teachers to keep the classes down to manageable sizes and to teach in a secure, weather-proof and practical environment.

On behalf of the Chief Mnkhanya and his community, the teachers and especially the pupils we would like to thank the Estelle Trust for helping us make their dream come true.

A bit of news for those of you . . .
. . . who have visited Kawaza Basic School. The Head Teacher, Mr Mr Felix Kaluba and the Deputy Head, Ms Janet Mabaso have been transfered to other schools.

Project Luangwa would like to welcome the new Head Teacher, Mrs Malama and the new Deputy Head, Mr Christopher Yambayamba and looks forward to working with them both to make Kawaza a great school.
Well that's it until next time but . . .
. . . first let me tell you a secret. In the past I've been a bit of a Facebook phobic but we now have a volunteer who is giving me an intensive course. So, instead of Dave doing a bit on Facebook when he has the time, it's going to be my job to regularly tell you the news. So, if you want to keep up with the everyday goings on at Project Luangwa, learn about kids' hardships and dreams fulfilled (and find out about what goes on behind the scenes) 'like' us on Facebook.

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