Term 1 2012
May 2012

Educational Tour To Tongabezi
"This term in grade 4 we had a lesson on sources of water and ways water is contaminated. We went to the river and we saw that the river was very high and that there were sticks and leaves and branches moving along the river. The water looked muddy because there is lots of soil from the ground in it because the river is so full." Maggie

"I was very surprised to see the water in the river was so muddy because it was the first time I have seen the Zambezi so full and this is the water we drink at our homes in the village. It was so wide and big!" Clayton

"We should never throw our dirty water in the river because we drink it and it might make us sick. We should take care of our water sources." Georgina

At this time of year when the Zambezi is so full from rainfall north and in Angola, the river banks can pollute the water with run off from the ground and lots of other unwanted elements that make it dangerous to drink. It is especially important that the children remember to boil water during these months and learn about how they can minimize this pollution.

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Brian the Egg Man
When speaking with the children and staff this term about the newsletter, we decided that with so many inspirational people in our community, we should share some of their stories with all of you. Here is our story of Brian the Egg man.

Brian Mungole is a special man in our community. He is a family man living with his 4 children and 2 grandchildren in Sinde Village, about 7 km’s from our school. He is also in charge of a chicken project of 250 chickens that produce over 1,200 eggs per week, nearly 900 of which, come to Tujatane!

Brian delivers the eggs by bicycle each week, 30 eggs in a tray and up to 14 trays at a time! This load is extraordinarily heavy and delicate, yet we rarely receive a broken egg and delivery is always on time, through rainy season storms and intense October heat. The Chicken Project is called the Twabuka Igi Co, ‘igi’ meaning ‘egg’ in local language and is set up at the Twabuka Community School in the village.

The Twabuka Igi Company was set up by Brian, the school PTA Chairman, in 2008 with the help of an interest free loan from local business people, Alan Baird and his wife Oriel. The Twabuka School and community has received huge support from Alan and Oriel over the years including new classroom buildings and a pre school for the village. Oriel also voluntarily manages the accounts for the Igi project.
"We consider it very important that the loan should eventually be paid back to try and instill business skills amongst the community and any repayments of the loan are then ploughed back into financing essential expenditure for the school." Alan Baird.
Brian started with 100 chickens and now has 250. They need to be fed 3 times a day with special feed and the building they live in has to be lit with many extra bulbs run by a battery, as there is no electricity. The conditions are often unfavorable and there are many challenges.

“The children from the school like to visit and learn about the business and the chickens but the chickens are not such big fans of having their home invaded! They don’t like thunder and lightening or especially hot weather. My hope for the future is that we can continue to grow and produce even more egg’s.” Brian Mungole.

The money that the business makes goes towards helping to pay for the teachers wages at Twabuka school, which has over 200 pupils and just a few qualified teachers and some dedicated volunteer parents.

All our pupils, thanks to Brian and this project, benefit from eating organic, healthy and nutritious eggs 3 times aweek at school. Thank you Brian!

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Teachers Exchange
On April 17th five of our teachers set off for the UK to visit our Link School, Lingfield Primary in Surrey. They had a tricky start when they were bumped off their connecting flight to London From Johannesburg on the way there and then as they arrived 24 hours later than expected at Heathrow, 4 out of 5 of their bags were missing! However, luckily this was the only hic up of the exchange and the teachers had the most incredible adventure.

From all they learnt at school with the teachers and pupils, reconnecting with Tujatane friends and family and learning about British culture, the team had the most fantastic time. They saw ‘Billy Elliot’ in theatre, had fish and chips on Brighton pier, shopped till they dropped in the London markets and all the while with about 6 layers of clothes on to keep out the cold!

The teachers kept a blog, and are still keeping the blog going! So please take a moment to visit the site at http://www.travelpod.com/z/kennykaumba/1/1335287193 for photos and discussions on their teaching and travels.

There is also a great link to their trip at www.thisissussex.co.uk/Teachers-learn-visit/story-16040895-detail/story.html

Special Visit from Sir John Major
What an exciting day we had! In April we were so lucky to have the Ex Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir John Major, visit us at the school. Even though it was in the holidays we had quite a lot of the children here doing holiday programmes and we were very happy to be able to showcase some of the children’s wonderful singing and dancing for Sir John. He was very impressed with their talents! It was a special occasion for us to have such an important visitor and many of the children and staff wanted to have their photo taken with Sir John, who was more than happy to oblige. We were very encouraged to hear how interested Sir John was in all the myriad ways that Tujatane supports the children with feeding and medical help, emotional support for the pupils and families and the overall goal of the school to offer the very highest quality education to an underprivileged community. We are extremely grateful that he took so much of his time, almost ½ a day, to be with us at school.

Tree Planting Project
This term has been very busy with planting trees. Different classes were presented with individual class trees, which have been planted on the school premises outside and around each classroom. Furthermore, each individual pupil in the lower primary section (from reception up to grade four – aged 5 to 10) were also presented with a seedling. These are the individual seedlings they will nurture and make strong before taking them home to plant at home. The Upper school children in grades 5-7 (aged 11-13) all planted seeds and will be growing their trees right from the very beginning!

Each child in these senior grades had the responsibility to plant their seed and to look after it by monitoring the germination and growth of their tree. Our local friends at Zambezi Nkunku came on board and donated compost for the trees.

The Grade 1 Teacher Susan “The project has left the Grade 1 pupils with a sense of responsibility and for some of them they experienced this for the first time. They now feel responsible to nurture the seedlings and monitor their development.”
“This project is helping us learn so many things about environmental education, especially the important roles of trees, tree species and varieties and how to plant these forest trees and fruit trees."

We will continue to update you about the progress of this programme throughout the year in our newsletters.

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Math’s and Science development project
In the last few years it has been a hot topic of debate at the school as to how we should combat the issue of increasingly poor grades in math’s and science in Zambia. The results of the children at Tujatane in these subjects is consistently high, however there has been a growing concern amongst the staff that the syllabus could be much more fun, practical and student centered.

Unless we lay strong foundations and nurture creativity and self motivation right from the start, what hope do we have for our children as they move into secondary education and up?
Our pupils currently leave Grade 7 at Tujatane with strong grades in math’s and science but steadily decline in the years to follow. If their grounding and understanding of these subjects is stronger and they already possess the skills to problem solve, investigate and collaborate then their chances of success later on will be much higher.

Our small class size of a maximum of 25 pupils makes creative and practical lessons a realistic goal, a luxury unfortunately not afforded to most schools in Zambia. Most school in Zambia will have anything from 60 to 80 pupils per class.

To help us put all of this into action at the school, we have a new member of the team from the UK, called Kate. Kate has an infectious way of making learning math’s and science fun and has joined the other teachers and assistants to facilitate their professional development in practical and creative teaching methods. This includes the transformation of our current grade 5 classroom into a science laboratory and storeroom. This is a very exciting step forward for the staff and pupils as well as our secondary students who we plan to offer continued practical tuition for in their holidays.
For all the details, photos and plans check out Kate’s blog for math’s and science at the school at www.tujatanemathsandscience.primaryblogger.co.uk

“The Maths and Science Development project got off to a flying start this Easter as Grade 6 and 7 enjoyed an exciting and hands-on maths and science week. From making ice cream to building the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, the children were involved in a range of fun and inspiring activities. The aim of the week was to motivate and interest the children in maths and science learning, as well as to develop their practical, investigative and problem solving skills. We used a cross-curricular approach, and hope to integrate this method into the teaching across the school next term. In the words of one child busy recording their pulse rate, “is this maths or science?” The answer is, “it’s both!”

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By sponsoring a child at Tujatane you are providing the funds for us to pay for our essential core needs for the children's education. These are funds to pay the teachers and staff salaries, money to pay for electricity and the basic classroom materials needed for each class. Our sponsors receive a piece of work each term from their child (which starts with splashes of paint on paper when they are in preschool and progresses to difficult mathematical questions or English comprehension!) together with a letter from the teacher on the terms events and the childs report.

Without sponsorship of all our kids we cannot meet the demands of the school, fulfil the potential of the children or plan for the future. We are growing every year and are in more and more need of sponsors who can commit to paying a regular contribution, no matter the amount.

Many of you will already be sponsors of the children, or the medical and feeding programmes, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Some of you may have visited us and been swept back into the routine of normal life after getting home, waiting for a moment to follow up on making a donation, becoming a sponsor or telling a friend. If so, please dont hesitate to either contact Beth at manager@tujatane.com or donate online with JustGiving by clicking the button below.

Sponsor a child costs £40 per month or $750 a year but any regular amount makes a huge difference.

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