Term 3 2011
January 2012

The end of another Year already and for us here in Zambia, the end of the academic calendar. Grade 7 results have just come in and we are very happy to report 100% pass rate for our new grade 8's! We wish them well as they start new schools around Livingstone. But don't worry, they will be back with us each holiday to report their news and progress. We hope you have all had a wonderful festive break and start to the New Year! Thank you for all your support.

Debate Team Presents.......

'Educating a girl is a waste of time'

On the 16th November 2011 we had a wonderful day. I was really proud to be in front of the whole school presenting the girls on the notion that educating a girl is NOT a waste of time! It was an interesting debate because many people still think that it is not important to educate girls in Zambia. The boys argued that it is a waste to educate a girl when she will just go and get pregnant and not finish school but girls are very important to educate as they are the heads of many families and pass their knowledge, unlike many men. The boys said that women are looked after and provided for by them so there is no need for them to be educated and that they are needed to look after the home and children. We said that if a girl is educated, she can support herself and her children if her husband leaves her or treats her badly. The girls team were opposing and I was the summariser. It was difficult to see that some of the girls in the audience could not speak out louder in support and stand up for themselves. Overall we lost the argument as our defense wasn’t as strong but we all agreed with the audience and whole school that teaching girls is NOT a waste of time. I hope next time we can present our argument better and win!
Bernadette Lubasi G6

Chongololo Club visit the National Park!

On the 3rd November all of the members of the Congololo Club (conservation) got to go on a very exciting outing to the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park. We left the school gates at 14.00 and were picked up by a game viewing safari vehicle from Bushtracks. The journey in the park was amazing and we were all able to see the different animals from the vehicle. We saw a lot of animals. Elephant, warthogs, giraffes, guineafowls, impalas and many more. The giraffe can go without water for a month and can jump 1.5 meters and the neck is 4.5 meters. It is the tallest animal in the world. The males are darker than the females and it takes 15 months for a baby giraffe to be ready. Elister G6

A hippo can stay under water for 6 minutes. A Zebra lives for 20 years and gives birth after 12 months but an Elephant can live for more than 60 years and gives birth after 22 months. A baby Elephant weighs 120KG’s!
Mary Kakoma G6

The transport and guide for this outing was generously donated to the children by Bushtracks Africa and gave the group a wonderful opportunity to experience the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park and all it’s wonderful animals. Thank you Bushtracks!

Grade 3 Educational Tour to National Milling

As part of our ‘Where food comes from’ project the Grade 3 pupils went on an educational tour to National Milling. The children were there to learn about how food is processed, in particular maize meal, which is the staple food here in Zambia. We all had a wonderful time and leant a lot!
Sharon Tembo, G3 Teacher

‘At the National milling we learnt and saw a lot. We saw the separating machine called the Separator and the conditioning machine called the conditioner and the regenerating machine called the regenerator.’
Kennedy G3

The separator is big and round and keeps moving. It sieves the maize flour from the husks. The regenerator grinds all the maize to flour. The conditioner is where water is added to the maize grain to remove any dirt and then more clean water is added. Once clean the maize grain is kept in the conditioning bins for 8 hours before being sent to a second conditioner where water is again added to reduce dust and finally cleaned.
Memory, Leonard, Boyd, Maggie, Esther and Georgina.

2011 Talent Show

On 21st October 2011 we had a school Talent Show. All the grades participated and many talents were seen. Pupils took part in solo singing, traditional dance (non – performing art club dancers only), choir singing and modeling. We had 4 judges and also entertainment for our guests and spectators from the school choir, band and dancers.
Elizabeth G7

It was great to see so many kids getting up and performing that we aren’t used to seeing on the stage. The dance category was encouraged that all entrants would not be from the usual traditional dance group and the outcome was that we saw some amazing new talent from the younger kids. Also the singing category was full of surprises and Steve Hanene (G4) and Rebecca Mufalali (G1) were amazing.
Kiza Chipila G5 Teacher

After all the activities of the show everybody was having a fun time and enjoying refreshments and snacks. I’m looking forward to the next talent show.
John G6

Well done to Boyd who came 1st in mime, Steven and Rebecca who came 1st in upper and lower school categories for singing, Junita and Felan who came 1st in modeling, Danny and Kamwi who won lower and upper 1st positions for a musical instrument and Diana who won best overall contender.

A special thank you to Honour X

One of our biggest fans and supporters, Honour Schram de Jong, has been an amazing friend to the school for many years. Honour worked at Tongabezi for 3 ½ years and has always been a great ambassador and fundraiser for Tujatane.
Honour is currently taking part in one leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, which started on December 24th. Honour has covered all the costs to take part in the Clipper Race so that all the money raised is being donated to the school. If you would like to know more about Honour’s adventure or donate to her fundraising visit her JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/HonourWay Honour is currently 53% of the way there to her £3,000 target!

“This has been a lifelong dream of mine which I am now finally making a reality. Training started back in June 2010 and I am relishing every challenge it throws me.”

We hope you are having a blast Honour and we can’t wait for your story once you’ve completed your leg! Thank you so much for everything you do for the school X

Christmas Party 2011

This years Christmas Party was once again donated to the kids by Tongabezi Lodge and everyone had an absolutely fabulous day! Here are some of the stories from the different classes about their day.

My name is Georgina N’gandu. In grade 3 we performed the Nativity and I was the narrator. I said “When the shepherds saw him, they told them of what the angel said about the baby child. They are all amazed at what the shepherds said!”. I enjoyed the play very much.

My name is Margaret Nkuwa and I was the angel. I told the audience “Peace be with you, the lord is with you and he has greatly blessed you. Don’t be afraid Mary, you will become pregnant and give birth to a son. He is the son of God and you will call him Jesus.” I liked being the angel.

“My name is Rabecca. For the small classes we got to go on the jumping castle! This was a lot of fun. I love the jumping castle!”

“My name is Steve Milupi. Father Christmas gave me a car. I was so happy.”

Huge thanks to Tongabezi Lodge for providing such a special party for the children. It’s a massive annual highlight for the whole school and a true treat for everyone.

Conservation Update!

The children of Tujatane are soon to start their very own tree nursery at the school! The plan for the project is that every child in the school will grow a tree from seed, that they will eventually take home to their family to be planted at their homes. The trees will all be local indigenous trees with various food and medical benefits. The project has been developed by Sydney, our Deputy Head, Grade 7 teacher and Conservation manager! He’s a busy fellow! Sydney is passionate about the environment and teaching the children about our responsibility to look after where we live.

“Sadly, Zambia has the 2nd highest deforestation per capita in the world (according to the FAO). Our local village, Simonga, has been highly affected by the deforestation of trees. This has resulted in soil erosion and land depletion, which has consequently affected farming (grazing land for animals) and has dramatically disturbed seasonal conditions. Deforestation is the result of many direct actions triggered by various root causes; action on only one front rarely solves the problem. Many efforts are required to encourage sustainable forest management, balancing environmental, social, and economic objectives.”

The project is being sponsored by ERM staff who nominated us as their favourite project for this funding so BIG THANKS to all at ERM! More about this project coming soon.

Sydney is pictured here with some of the upper school gardeners who were seeding grass during the holidays to make the lower school playground a more beautiful and safe place for the little ones.

Leavers Story - Arnold Pelekelo

Arnold is one of Tujatane’s oldest students and was in the first ever class at the school. He graduated Grade 7 at Tujatane in 2003 and with the support of his family, the school and his sponsors he has gone on to make his dream a reality. Here is his story.

In January 2004, I was enrolled at St. Raphael's Secondary School in Livingstone where I did Grades 8 & 9. While at St. Raphael's I often thought of what I wanted to do when I completed high school. I wanted to do something that I would be proud of. I decided I wanted to fly a plane, to become a Professional Pilot. When I told people around me that I wanted to fly a plane, it sounded strange to them since most people are scared to fly. But I had my hopes high and I never gave up.

After Grade 9 exams I was accepted at Hillcrest National Technical School and completed my Grade 12 certificate. In 2009 I applied to the Zambia Air Services Training Institute to be enrolled as a student pilot. I was enrolled the following year in January 2010. After a whole month, the time came for me to get in a plane. I was nervous and excited at the same time that I would be in a plane. In November 2010, I completed my flight training and I was given a Private Pilot License. The following year in 2011, I received an acceptance letter from Long Beach Flight Academy in California Los Angeles.

On February 14, 2011 on Valentines day I left Zambia for the United States of America with my official sponsors Peter and Elaine (Cogitare Foundation, New York). We boarded a British Airways plane at Lusaka International Airport to JFK International Airport, via Heathrow. It was so cold and there was snow. I spent a week in New York with Chimuka (a close friend and classmate from Tujatane) before starting my training at Long beach flight academy. Life in America is quite good but there is no place like home on earth. When I complete my training I will be coming home to apply for a job. I do not have a preference for a company I will work for. I will work for any company available as long as it has good policies. To become a Pilot it is not easy, a lot of studying is involved and safety comes first. Hard work, pays.

Tujatane Teachers in the UK!

In April this year 5 of our wonderful teachers will be visiting the UK for 3 weeks as part of our Exchange programme with Lingfield Primary School, Surrey.
This will be the 3rd exchange that the school teachers have taken part in over the years (for our Head, Bond, this will be his second trip) and will not only give them the opportunity to share their teaching experiences and learn from others, but also to meet up and connect with so many of our extended family in the region. Previous exchange teachers/trainers, trustees for the Charity and many others. We are trying to work together an itinerary that will accomodate as many of you as possible. If you would like to know more or have enquiries about their programme please contact Beth at manager@tujatane.com
More coming soon!

TUJATANE need your advice!

Last year, once again, we managed to sell almost ALL our Christmas cards and calendars but we would like your help for the next ones!

Send us a copy of your favorite Christmas card of 2011! A scan or photo of the card you received and liked the best will help us to help inspire the children with all the different types of card designs they can come up with. It will also show them all the different ways the season is celebrated globally and inspire the children to create the most spectacular card designs for 2012 that you will all want to buy!
Send us your favourites to Beth at manager@tujatane.com and let us know the best designs you have seen!

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