There are some days when everything goes right and I know that I have the best job in the world . . . and there's been a lot of those lately.

John goes to Pre-school
Last month I asked you to help buy a little boy a wheelchair. Five year old John was born with legs that end above knee level and just one hand. Although he can crawl around with remarkable speed he could not go far and was unable to attend pre-school. His horizons were limited to just around his house in a tiny village in Mfuwe.

As the newsletter hit inboxes across the world we set up a page for John on the Just Giving website to enable donations to be made easily. Within a short time we had exceeded our target and had actually raised enough for two wheelchairs. Thank you so much each and every one of you who donated towards this cause. However the story did not end there.

We received an email from John Oberg who is the MD of Sandvik Mining and Construction Zambia Limited in Zambia. John and his wife work closely with, an Australian organisation that makes and distributes wheelchairs for children in the poorer countries of the World. John kindly offered us just what we needed – a child’s wheelchair especially made for rough conditions free of charge. Of course we accepted and just a short time later John had his first trip out in his chair. Thank you John.

Last week he attended Chiyembekezo Pre-school for the first time and not surprisingly was a little overawed by nearly ninety kids singing and chanting. He soon settled in and is now pushed to school each morning by his big sister. Take a look at how he got on during his first few outings. We've taken so many photos that we had to give him his own page on the website.

This does leave us with the matter of the unused donations. As John is just one of many disabled children in the Mfuwe area and we will set up a specific fund to help these other kids too.
A day to remember
In April this year we started digging the foundations for the two new 1 x 3 classroom blocks at Mfuwe Day Secondary School. Flatdogs Camp guest, Mr Fergus Lyons had generously donated the funds for one building, with a second being funded by Mfuwe Lodge. Work progressed over the next four months and by the start of the September school term the first building was ready for the planned opening ceremony.

What a day we had! For entertainment there was the school choir and a ladies’ group from Kakumbi, who danced with great enthusiasm. SEKA, our very professional local drama group performed Kusanga, a play about the African bush. Many Ministry of Education officials from all over the Eastern Province attended and Mr Lyons and his wife, Caroline, flew in especially from the UK. And who say speeches are boring? Guest of honour Mr Andrew Phiri, the Permanent Secretary of Education from Lusaka held everyone captive with his ad-lib inspiring speech encouraging the pupils, and especially the girls, on the importance of a good education.

Flatdogs Camp provided lunch for more than 250 invited guests and school children and Mfuwe Lodge sent a magnificent cake. However there was one cloud on the horizon.

Halfway through the proceedings a wind blew up from nowhere – as it sometimes does at this time of year - and with it came a wall of dust that engulfed the guests and several hundred school children completely. For several minutes there was nothing to be seen. Then, as the dust cloud cleared, the sight of guests hanging on to the sunshade supports slowly materialised. And, as testament to the atmosphere of the day, they were all still all smiling.

The whole event was televised by ZNBC and merited a half hour slot after the evening news. To see the image diary of the whole build or find out more have a look online.

On a last note . . .
if you’ve contacted Project Luangwa during the last month and have not had a reply please resend your mail. This time it should get through.

Just this week we've taken delivery of a VSAT system generously donated by CC Systems Ltd. Thank you guys - you’ve just no idea the difference this will make to us here in the PL office.

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