Term 2 2011
August 2011

We hope you enjoy catching up with the school news this term. It is only because of our wonderful supporters that we are able to offer the children such a colourful education and environment. From us all THANK YOU!

Sports Day
Each winter term the school holds it’s annual sports day Interhouse Competition. Our three houses, Zambezi, Luangwa and Kafue fight it out in many different events for the sports trophy! All our houses are named after great rivers of Zambia. This years competition was held on the 24th June. All grades were represented in their teams and took part in running races, relay, obstacle course and many other races. Staff and parents also compete in the 100m race. Competition was fierce and the results were close! Luangwa came out as the winners just 4 points ahead of Kafue. Last years winner, Zambezi, came in a close 3rd. It was a very exciting day and the children performed extremely well after lots of training earlier in the term. Congratulations to all the students and staff who participated so enthusiastically for their teams and ensured the day was a big success.
Kiza Chipila Grade 5 teacher and Sports patron
“The boys ran 6 rounds and the girls ran 5. My favorite was the packing race. We liked watching our parents and teachers running. Luangwa were really happy to win and Zambezi were sad. We all had oranges and buns and Mazoe juice. It was lots of fun.” Hope, Nickolas and Theresa. Kafue House.

Tree Planting
This term we have been planting indigenous trees around the school. These trees include Baobab trees, Waterberry trees, Musika trees, Busika Trees and Moringa trees. These trees we planted are very important in our daily lives because they provide us with food, medicine, shelter and oxygen. Without trees there would not be enough oxygen in the air for people and animals to survive. Some trees are poisonous and this stops animals eating their leaves. During drought, trees have to survive a long time without water.
Vanessa Kakoma grade 6

We have planted 9 trees at school this term. If you want to plant a tree you first have to dig a hole. When you have finished digging your hole you then put some manure inside. Then you put the plant inside and add some more manure. We got some manure from Zambezi N’Kuku and also we collected some elephant dung to add on top. The Moringa tree can be used for medicine. You use the leaves and make tea and then this makes you strong.
Zipola Mukoka Grade 6
Big thanks again to our environmnetal partners at Zambezi N'Kuku for donating trees and manure and for their ongoing support with our conservation efforts!

This term we had lots of volunteers. William, Alexander, Eliza, Frayer, Frankie and Eleanor, Kyri and Alexi. It was big fun having them and every class was happy as we all had someone helping us in our classrooms. They also did lots of activities with us in our afternoon clubs. It’s sad that volunteers have to go because we like having them here helping us. In our grade 4 class we have had Eliza. She has been in our class for a long time (8 weeks) and we thank her for being with us. She helped us with our times tables. Were now doing 9 times tables and she did sports with us and told us lots of stories. Other pupils at the school played with her too and she taught us songs at music time and was very good to us.
Maxwell Malumani Grade 4

Frankie and Eleanor are friends and they came to volunteer at school for lots of weeks. We had Frankie in Grade 3 and Eleanor was is Grade 5. They did lots of music with us and we learnt lots of new songs. We also did a play called Joseph and the technicolor dream coat which is a very good story. There are many songs in the play which are very good.
Margaret Grade 3

“Teacher Frayer helped us in reading and spelling and she read us stories too.”
Voster Grade 1

“Kyri and Alexi came and it was great because Kyri came last year and he remembered us.” Conard Grade 3.

Climate Change Exhibition
This term we had some visitors from the local Livingstone Museum. They had an exhibition there that we invited then to bring to school. They had lots of information and exhibits and we all learnt a lot.
“Climate change is one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats facing the planet. The Earths climate has changed many times during the planets history. Pollution is damaging our environment and is causes global warming. Global warming is an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere that can contribute to change in global climate patterns. Gases that pollute the air mix with water vapour in the clouds, this forms a dirty, warm air above the Earth. This air traps heat from the sun and land becomes hotter. The blanket of warm air acts like a greenhouse. A greenhouse has a glass roof and it’s very hot inside. So when this happens to the atmosphere we call it the greenhouse effect. It changes rainfall patterns and climates. Greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. The Earths average surface temperature has increased by about 0.74 degrees celcius in the last 100 years.”
By Bernadette Lubasi Grade 6

Performing arts 2011
Tujatane has been taking part in NATAAZ festivals for a number of years and our success has gone from strength to strength! In past years we have been poetry National Champions as well as Traditional Dance and Drama Champions. Each year involves an incredible amount of hard work and dedication by the kids and of course for Mr. Himwiita and Ms. Chabalanda (Sydney and Grace). This year was no exception!

'All the schools of Zambia compete and this year we entered 2 categories which were Traditional Dance and Drama. We always start with the Zonal festivals, which is for schools in Livingstone. Next we have the District festivals for all the winners of the zones. Then come the provincial festivals, which this year was in Mazabuka, for all the winners of the districts. Then we have the finals. This year we went to Chipata for the finals because we won the zone, district and provincial competitions in traditional dance and drama so we were representing the whole of the Southern Province. It took us 2 whole days to travel there and the 60 top schools competed over 4 days. We are all very tired by time we came home but it was worth it!'

Sibongile, Andrew, Yvonne and Esther Grade 7

Overall we came 1st in Traditional Dance, which was a fantastic achievement, especially as we were 1st in 2009, then 2nd in 2010 but now back reclaiming the title! We also came 1st in Drama for the Southern Province and 2nd overall Nationally. We also won a number of individual awards. Best Dancer went to Diana Kapelwa, 2nd best Dancer for Stafford Ngandu, 2nd best Drummer to Kamwi Pulumo and best Director for Mr. Sydney Himwiita! Also, Esther Milupi was nominated as a finalist for the Ngoma award for best actress in Zambia! We will let you know how she does at the awards!
Well done team!

Display Day
This term we had a display day where all our co curricular groups put on a display about the clubs. We had guests and visitors and some parents that came to school to see what we do and to learn something new.
“Chess: At our school we have a Chess club. Our patron is Miss Dorothy Lubasi. Our patron helps us play and learn to get better. We played chess and explained to people how the game is played. For instance the knight moves in a L shape and the bishop moves diagonally. The queen moves in both. It’s a bit like math’s and it helps your brain so we like chess.” Chilombo grade 7
“Art: For our display we did a lot of things. We used class boards to display our work like drawings. We had drawings of landscapes, musical instruments and portraits. We also had made vases out of card for nice arrangements and when the parents came they liked everything we had made. Some of the parents even wanted to buy the things we had made. All the members of our club were very happy because al the guests that came liked our work. Other clubs displaying were the HIV/Aids and girls programme clubs, the choir, band, dancers and drummers and the conservation club, they are called Chongololo Club.” Mutinta and Mark Grade 7.

Christmas Card's FOR SALE!
This term the children at school took part once again in our annual Christmas Card competition. All the classes submitted designs for the Judges Exhibition. We had more entries than ever this year and the job of deciding the winners was incredibly difficult!
All entries were displayed at the amphitheater and all the judges had to secretly write down the 4 pictures they liked the best. These were all tallied up and the top overall 4 came out as the winners. This years judges included Tongabezi Lodge’s Director and Manager, Ben and Rudy, as well as representatives from The River Club, Vanessa, our Director, and other creative friends from Livingstone. Our 4 finalists were Julia Maambo (G5), Steve Hanane (G4), Lucky Sikauma (G4) and Isaac Moyo (G6 and one of last years finalists!).
All the printing costs have generously been donated by Nigel Stubbley at Northend Creative Print Solutions who is a long time supporter of the school. Thank you Nigel! We hope you like the children’s designs and have received our message about how to purchase! If not, please click HERE or find the 2012 calendars and cards button on our home page.
Winning pictures shown, by and Steve and Issac.

Elephant Outing
As a special prize for the top 10 Christmas Card finalists we had a wonderful outing adventure to Thorn Tree Lodge where the children had an opportunity to interact with Elephants, learn more about them, feed them and draw them as they ate and played by the river. We set off in the morning and were welcomed by the gamekeepers who explained where the elephants that live there came from.
“The Elephants come to live at Thorn Tree because they were abandoned or orphaned as their parents were killed by poachers. Some had gotten separated from their herd as babies and wouldn’t have survived without help. We learnt about how elephants move in the wild and walk very long distances. They use their tusks to break branches off trees to eat and are either left or right handed like humans. This is why when we see them in the wild they have one tusk bigger than the other and commonly one tusk damaged on the end. Elephants are vegetarian and their dung is all natural waste and is full of nutrients and good for using on plants. At first we didn’t want to get close and touch but the keepers showed us not to be scared. We fed them and touched them, they are very rough and hairy. Then we drew them as they ate leaves. It was really fun to be so close. We collected lots of their dung to take to school for our gardens.”
Julia, Isaac, Lucky, Aggie and Masambo.

Just Giving

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you that have recently been donating via JustGiving towards our General Donations, Feeding Programme and Medical Programmes. It is helping us enormously to have these one off and monthly donations to top up our funding where we are lacking and to make sure we have funds available for medical emergencies and health related events at the school.

We have had 2 visits from the local clinics this term and all the children have been dewormed, vaccinated and given a general health check.

We also have had a couple of trips to the hospital with children with dysentery, malaria, chicken pox and measles and most recently little Claire in Pre-School fell at lunch time and broke her tiny arm!

To anyone who might be interested in sponsoring a child, please email Beth and Vanessa at manager@tujatane.com and vanessa@tongabezi.com

Sponsoring a child costs £40 a month or $750 per year and covers the core running costs of the school. These are salaries for all the staff, electricity for water and light, basic teaching and classroom materials and cleaning materials. We currently have 44 unsponsored children and these missing funds have to be filled by general donations. To donate using JustGiving please click the link below.

Best wishes from us all and have a very festive and exciting build up to Christmas!

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