It's been an exciting month for us; his Highness the Honourable Chief Kakumbi came to see our work at Mfuwe Secondary School, there has been an incredably generous donation from a nine year old boy and we have adopted a whole football league.

Mfuwe Secondary is taking shape
The building of two new classroom blocks at Mfuwe Day Secondary School is progressing well. Over 18,000 cement blocks have been made on site and the foundations have been laid. This week should see the slab level completed which marks the end of the first stage.

Last week we invited His Royal Highness, the Honourable Chief Kakumbi to come and see the progress for himself and he spent an hour walking round the site of the new school. Showing a huge amount of interest in the plans he offered advice and encouragement regarding landscaping the central quadrangle. It is this area that, with the community's help, we will clear before laying paths and planting over 50 trees for shade.

The spider trusses for the roofs are also being made by a local craftsman and later this week we expect delivery of the doors and windows.
Zu's birthday gift
Last month we were delighted to be the recipients of one boy's exceedingly generous birthday gifts. Nine year old Zu MacDermot from the UK visited a Project Luangwa supported school last August and he didn't forget the time he spent there.

When celebrating his recent birthday, instead of presents, he asked all his school friends to donate to Project Luangwa instead. He obviously has some very generous friends as they have donated around £250 in total.

A BIG THANK YOU to Zu for giving up the opportunity for lots of goodies and thinking of all the children here in South Luangwa and an equally BIG THANK YOU to all his friends who so generously donated on his behalf.

Following our recent appeal Zu wants us to spend the donation on buying desks for the new classroom blocks at Mfuwe School.

A Short Way Up
Just published and now available is a new travel book about riding a 1950s classic motorcycle through Southern Africa to Nsefu area of South Luangwa. Steve Wilson's idea and the reason for his trip was to raise £2000 to donate to Kawaza Basic School on his arrival.

Not content with this Steve has generously offered to donate 50p to Project Luangwa for each and every book sold. It is available from many book stores including Waterstones.
It all kicked off in Mfuwe
Zambians love football; it's a national passion uniting young and old and the country as a whole. So it was not surprising that when Ron Cowan from Kafunta Safaris, along with his son and a member of staff, started a Junior Under 13 Football League for boys from the local villages it proved a popular move. With six very talented and athletic teams and many supporters the initiative serves to give a lot of kids something to do when they are not at school. Now Project Luangwa is involved too as Ron has asked for our support.

The games are fast, fun and exciting as I found out when I attended a match last Saturday. It's football at its best and I recommend that you try to attend a game during a stay in Mfuwe.

But as you would expect in a poor rural area the most of the boys play in bare feet and have no strips. If you would like to help you could bring out your son's outgrown boots and strip and provide a local boy with his first ever football kit. It won't take up too much room in your case and you can leave it at your lodge when you next come to Mfuwe.

If you would like to help further we are looking for team strips too. Perhaps your company or local football team would sponsor a whole team . . . you can even choose the colours . . . or maybe they can provide boots. You can find out more about the league on our website.

Davison's team wins the quiz
Project Luangwa sponsored pupil Davison Zulu has long been a keen member of the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust Conservation Club. Recently Chipembele opened its doors to all at their 10th anniversary celebrations where Davison took part in an inter-schools quiz.

As a member of the winning Kawaza Basic School team he was presented with a rechargeable lamp and a book on wildlife by His Royal Highness Chief Kakumbi.
Until next month . . .
Thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated to Project Luangwa. Don't forget that David and I are always available to chat about Project Luangwa or show you any of our projects during your stay in South Luangwa.

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