Term 1 2011
May 2011

Happy New Year to all our supporters! It has been a wonderful term for all the staff and pupils at TUJATANE this term. So much news to tell and stories to pack in. Volunteers, new classes, outings and celebrations. We hope you enjoy this next installment and we will be in touch again soon! From us all at school THNAK YOU x

Teacher Sheila

“This term we have been very lucky to have had a volunteer teacher from the U K , Sheila Williams. She has done a wonderful job helping u s to further develop our reading and literacy program in Pre School/Reception, all the way through to Grade 7. She has been teaching the small ones using Jolly Phonics (as well as Letter Land which we use already) and most of the pupils are now able to recognize all their letters and sounds, blending some and making short words. In mathematics we have been working on recognizing numbers, counting and doing basic addition and subtraction. Sheila has helped us with a lot of oral activities and games and the children have understood concepts very fast.” Susan Grade 1 teacher.

“Teacher Sheila taught us songs!” Steven Grade 1

“Teacher Sheila taught us sounds!” Vanessa Grade 1

“Teacher Sheila taught us words!” Jennipher Grade 1

“Teacher Sheila taught us numbers!” Rose Grade 1

“This term we have had a wonderful experience with a volunteer teacher from the UK, Sheila Williams, who has focused much of her time in our class. She taught us all so much including Chinese New Year and made lanterns with us, which we showed the school in a special dance at assembly. The children have made huge improvements and are all developing their English especially well. The children have had a lot of fun in Math’s and English doing letter and number hunts around the school.” Iness Pre-School/Reception teacher.

Zambezi N'Kuku!
Zambezi N’kuku is a chicken farm about 4 km walk away down river from the school (N’Kuku is the word for chicken in Tonga, our local language). The farm has chickens, as well as a composting program and an indigenous tree nursery. Every grade at the school this term had a trip to the farm to learn all about composting and plants.
“At Zambezi N’Kuku we saw how compost is made and all the good and bad things for compost. Arthur showed us how to make compost using layers of dead organic materials like leaves, as well as manure from the chickens and food waste like egg shells.” Ruckeen Grade 6
“At the farm we got to feel and touch the compost from the middle of the mountain. It was really hot! It didn’t smell bad like I thought it would.” Claire Grade 4
“We saw lots of plants and small trees that are ones that are from Zambia. We were told about the bad things that will happen if we run out of trees and that we must always plant a new one if we cut one down.” Lawrence Grade 3

We hope to continue to work with the team at Zambezi N'Kuku as part of our environmental program to help spread the word about our precious trees and environment. Zamezi N'Kuku generously donated some compost and 5 new trees for our school which we hope will the be the start of many more. We are also adapting our current composting system so that we can more effectively recycle all our school waste. Zambezi N'Kuku are doing amazing work trying to keep Zambia clean and together we hope we can make a real difference to our community.

Children's Rights!
As part of our ongoing child welfare and girls program at school, we had several events this term. Some involved mixed group meetings to discuss young peoples issues with pier educators from Livingstone. Some involved just boys or girls groups getting together with councilors for workshops and activity days. One of the most popular events was a girls meeting about women’s and children’s rights. Our grade 1 teacher and student welfare officer, Susan, was joined by 2 ladies from a girls home in Livingstone that is specifically there to support sexually abused girls of all ages.

“On Monday the 7th March 2011 I learnt about sexual abuse. I learnt that sexual abuse is when someone forces you to have sexual intercourse with her or him. There are many types of abuse such as rape, treating badly and beating a person. Rape is when someone is having sex with someone without his or her consent. Sexual abuse is a very bad thing. People who sexually abuse children must be stopped! If a child is being abused, he or she should tell an adult that they trust about what is happening to them. If they do not talk, they will be carrying a burden that is very heavy and they could be infected with HIV. You should never joke or laugh about people who have been abused because it is not their fault. We must know our rights as children and as people.” Bernadette Grade 6

“Sex without consent is a crime and can make a person go to prison for up to life. Without a medical report it is hard to obtain a conviction so girls, you must talk to someone you trust to help you.” Esther Grade 7

Feed a hungry tummy for just 6/$10 a month!
The School Feeding Programme at Tujatane started a number of years ago. It has grown from a small project, aimed at helping to feed the most very needy children at least one meal a day, to a big undertaking catering for all children, every day. 1 full time cook and 1 part time assistant run the kitchen and our fresh ingredients are sourced from local farms and small-scale producers in the community.

All our children walk to school and the majority would have nothing to eat until supper if they didn’t have meals at school. Since starting the feeding program there has been a dramatic rise in the children’s academic results as they are now able to focus and concentrate in class.

The Feeding Programme is funded for separately to the rest of the school and with kind contributions from donors we have managed to make ends meet most of the time. However, for the long-term sustainability of the programme, we are on a mission to get all 180 tummies individually filled and paid for on a monthly basis!

£6/$10 a month will allow us to provide breakfast and lunch, every school day to all 180 children at the school.
Donors in the UK can set up an automatic payment of £6 a month from their bank and support a tummy full time. Other donors around the world can either use the Just Giving site to donate monthly/annually and payments to the Cogitare Foundation in New York works perfectly for our USA supporters.
For more information email Beth at manager@tujatane.com and make the world of difference to a tummy!

Teacher Exchange with the UK

This year has seen the long waited arrival of our third Teacher Exchange to the UK. Two teachers, Nicola and Kaye - from our good friends and Lingfield Primary in Surrey, came out for the first leg of the exchange in April. It was a jam-packed couple of weeks with Nicola focused on the upper grades and staff in the area of the environment and Kaye in the lower grades looking at literacy and reading. We all had a wonderful time with Nic and Kaye and can't wait for the return journey to Lingfield Primary later this year. We are hoping to send 3 or 4 of the teachers for 3 weeks (depending on funds) and will keep you posted on developments in our next newsletter!
Comments from Nicola "It was such an amazing experience to visit Tujatane and to see the school community working together. I was especially interested to see how the children actively care for the school environment- an idea that I’ve already taken back to Lingfield to share with our children. Everyone made us feel so welcome and we have gained some great ideas and have some wonderful memories to take back to England."
Photo: Kaye with some lower primary enthusiasts.
"Nicloa and Kaye have been great to work and share ideas with. Where they teach, things are quite different and there is definitely a lot we can learn from each other." Susan, Grade 1 teacher.

New Grade 6 & 7 Classrooms!

Term 1 was very busy with the building of two new classes for grades 6 and 7. These two classes had patiently been waiting for a year for new classrooms and were temporarily using the staff room, library and any space we could find for their lessons.
The classes were donated by Mr. Harald Goeb and Westbury House, Eton and have been built in just 3 months thanks to a great team of local builders.
"The class is the best one in school. We have lots of light and new boards to display our work. Everything is new and neat and we have new desks and chairs." John, Grade 6
"My new class is fantastic! The children feel serious about their learning and we have lots of space and can display our posters and work up. The blackboard is nice and new and the students can work effectively in their groups again. We also have been trying to landscape and plant flowers and tress around the class. We had to take out 4 small trees to build the class where it is so we have re-planted so far 7 new ones around the school that are indigenous and will provide shade for future classes and homes for the insects of the bush."
Sydney Himwiita, Deputy and Grade 6 teacher

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