The rains have finally come to an end in the Luangwa Valley and everyone is moving forward into the dry season. The new school term has just started and our building of 2 new classroom blocks, funded by The Bush Camp Company and donors from Flatdogs Camp, is progressing very well.

We also have news about the extended donating by text options for UK residents and how you can help us to buy desks for students to sit at in the new school buildings.

Back to School!
The new school term in Zambia started this week and, with a new record number of sponsored children, the week leading up to it was always going to be busy. We now sponsor over 100 children and we have had a steady flow of pupils visiting our offices to collect the things that they need for Term 2.

For most pupils who have been sponsored for the first time this year it was noticeable that there has been a significant improvement in their end of term results. So on behalf of all of these kids we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of their sponsors.
Mfuwe Foundations
Building work on the two new 1 x 3 classroom blocks at Mfuwe Day Secondary School is progressing well. The site has been cleared and the foundations are now being laid. A large team of workers is also on site to mould the concrete blocks we will be using in the construction.

Traditionally these buildings are constructed using locally made brick; a process that requires them to be fired in the traditional manor. This uses a great deal of hard wood and has in the past caused significant deforestation.

At Project Luangwa we have taken the step of using concrete blocks instead and these are made on site using Zambian cement. This is a more environmentally sustainable practice. This building project has helped to provide a significant employment opportunity for local skilled and unskilled workers.

We are on schedule for a grand opening at the beginning of Term 3 and will keep you informed of how we progress. Click here to read more about the work we are doing at Mfuwe Day School.

Desks, desks and more desks
With the planned completion of the new classroom blocks for the end of July our thoughts have turned to classroom furniture. Without new desks the students may be forced to learn whilst sitting on a bare concrete floor . . . and we haven't just got our 6 new classrooms to think about - there's the new community built block of 3 classrooms too.

A conservative estimate of 30 double desks per class means that we need a total of 270 desks. It costs just $65 to buy one double desk. Can you help?

You can buy a whole desk or just make a small donation - it all helps.
If you wish to make a donation then please visit our website at to see the different ways that you can donate.

If you are a UK resident you can chose to donate either £1, £5 or £10 via text message from your phone. To donate is simple just text the words DESK21 £1 or DESK21 £5 or DESK21 £10 to 70070
Giving by Text
Following on from our donate by Text appeal in December we have expanded the scheme for our UK based supportors. You can now donate by text at any time of the the day or night 365 days a year.

We have teamed up with Just Giving and Vodaphone to provide a comprehensive but simple text donating service.

You can chose to donate either £1, £5 or £10. To donate is simple just text the words GIFT21 £1 or GIFT21 £5 or GIFT21 £10 to 70070

Every penny of what you send will be received by us regardless of your phone service provider.

You can, of course, still donate to Project Luangwa using a number of other methods too including setting up a monthly debit.

All of the methods of donating can be found on our website.

Until next month . . .
As the holiday season progresses we hope to see many of you in the Valley and would welcome the opportunity to meet and explain what we do in more detail. You can also visit Mfuwe Secondary Day School to see the building work in progress for yourself and occasionally we are able to show you around some of the little visited schools too.

Visit our website for more info To donate simply click here.

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