It's all good news this month thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

It's Good News for Mfuwe Day Secondary School
With just two small classrooms of its own Mfuwe Day Secondary School has been 'squatting' in classrooms borrowed from Mfuwe Basic (Junior) School for the last ten years. When the new Head Mistress arrived last year she rallied the community to make bricks and started building the Secondary School's first ever 1 x 3 classroom block.

Now, thanks to a huge and very generous donation we have the funds to build a second 1 x 3 block. Mr Fergus Lyons, Director of St Helens Rugby League Club made a substantial personal donation after spending time as guest at Flatdogs Camp. A big thank you to Fergus from everyone at Flatdogs, Project Luangwa and especially the staff and pupils of Mfuwe Day Secondary School.

However that's not all. They say things come in threes . . . and that's just what has happened at Mfuwe Day. Mfuwe Lodge and the Bush Camp Company have raised enough money to build a third 1 x 3 block. This might seem a lot of classrooms but the school has over 600 pupils and many more who would like a place. Often parents are unable to afford boarding fees and the development of Mfuwe Day will allow more pupils to have access to a secondary school education.

Over the next few months Project Luangwa will manage the building of these two new blocks and hope to have a 'Grand Opening' later in the year. You can find out more about this project or help with the costs by going to our website.
Short Way Up
Steve Wilson is a remarkable man and a keen supporter of Project Luangwa. Not only does he have a spirit of adventure but has developed a true empathy for the people of the South Luangwa Valley. His fascinating journey around Southern Africa on his faithful old Ariel motorbike will soon be published for you all to read.

No film crew. No ‘fixers’ for the borders. No 4WD back-up. In fact, no back-up at all. Except for a man deep in rural Gloucestershire with a shed-full of old bike spares for a simple, rugged, 50-year-old, single cylinder, British motorbike . . . and its even older and arguably simpler rider . . .

Author Steve Wilson wanted to do a final Real Run on two wheels before the bus pass took over. A holiday with Robin Pope Safaris in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park had provided the spark. Africa’s wide, croc- and hippo-infested brown rivers, its bush-buck and baobab trees, the marks of baboon claws in the dust of a Series I Land Rover’s windscreen, had all worked their spell.

Steve's story of his solo 5,000 mile journey around Southern Africa on a 1950s Ariel is a remarkable one and will soon be published by Haynes Publishing in the UK.

Steve has very kindly offered to donate 50 pence for every single book sold. You can read more about his journey and how to get his forthcoming book here.

Reading books, an MP3 and a New Recruit
Last week saw the arrival of a very special visitor. Wendy Smith, manager of a UK school travelled out to arrange the twinning of Elmtree School in the UK with Katapila Community School in the Nsefu district. Last year Wendy started our Pilot Post scheme and spends her spare time collecting hundreds of reading books which her sister and brother-in-law, both BA pilots, fly out to Zambia for the children in and around Mfuwe.

This time, as well as 4 cases of books, Wendy brought a wind-up MP3 player and a re-chargable sound recorder. Now we can record songs and messages to send to the pupils in the UK as well as play them the ones sent out by the children of Elmtree and other schools. All the kids here love singing and Wendy was treated to some great performances as well as being shown how their reading had improved since getting their new 'library'.

Whilst here Wendy managed to visit several other schools in the area too and has generously offered to help other UK schools twin with ones here in South Luangwa through our Class to Class scheme. If you are interested in Class to Class more information can be found on our website.
Charity begins at home
When Charity van der Meer from the Netherlands contacted us in November last year, she was looking for a Community Service Project for her daughter, Nisha, and her friend Martin. They had chosen to support Project Luangwa. Charity was born in Zambia and her family have been to Mfuwe on Safari holidays so they know the area well.

Nisha and Martin decided that the best way they could help us was by baking and selling apple cakes and chocolate brownies. Over a period of several months they have managed to raise $840. That’s an awful lot of cake!

The family wanted to use the money in a way that they feel would have the biggest impact on the community of Mfuwe and so they have decided to sponsor 2 children through grade 8 and grade 9. All their hard work has resulted in these children being able to attend school. We would like to thank Nisha and Martin on behalf of the kids they are sponsoring. A job well done.

Until next month
April is going to be a busy and exciting month for us as the rains end and building work at Mfuwe Day School begins. We will be providing regular updates on our progress.

We do rely on the generosity of our supporters, so if you feel that you can help by donating towards the completion of Mfuwe Day School or to any of of other causes then have a look at our donate page to find out more about the different ways that you can give.

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