Term 2 2010
August 2010

''Play it safe Livingstone - HIV prevention works
This May our teachers and students took part in various SHARE activities in and around Livingstone. The events lasted for a week and both children and adults got to participate in various activities that encourage our community to learn more about HIV infection and Aids. 'Share' is one of many NGO's in Zambia helping to educate those affected and infected by this deadly virus. This years theme was " Play it safe Livingstone: HIV prevention works."
A group of our teachers attended one of the main evening events, which was a public discussion on multiple concurrent partnerships and the spread of the HIV/Aids virus. The guest of honor was the first Republican President of Zambia , Dr. Kenneth Dav id Kaunda, other highly respected members of the panel included USAID Mission Director: Mrs. Mellissa Williams, and Southern Province PS: Ms. Gladys Kristafor.
'The panelists talked about HIV/Aids prevention messages. Women were given the most chances to give their comments and ask questions as they are the more vulnerable when it comes to infection and are main care givers for Aids patients. Some of the women explained that according to tradition, women are not to question their husbands over issues of extra marital affairs as this is taboo, and so women suffer in silence. Polygamy being popular in many tribes in Zambia."
Bond Lichaha.
By far the biggest treat for our students was a football training session wit the Zambia national team! Our footballers got to spend an hour with the National team - a dream come true for all the lads!

ART Display
In the ART club we did many works like painting, clay work, drawing, leather work, jewelery work, sculpture, collage and weaving. We are 8 in the art club, we all enjoy art very much In sculpture we all made a house model and we used sand soil for the yard. For the house we used ice cream sticks. We were happy that we displayed our works and the parents and pupils were able to see our art works which we made. It was a wonderful day.
By Duncan Sakala

Naples Community School
'On 23rd June the Naples Community School came to visit us once more. This time the students were different and they were here to teach us how to make compost.
We really enjoyed being with the Naples students, they came with two of their teachers Josh and Sharon. Everybody was so kind and they also played football and netball with us.'
By Innocent Moono
Huge thanks again to the Naples Community School for all their hard work and helping us set up our new composting sysem at the kitchen! Conservation projects at the school are so important and the more the children can learn about respecting their environment, being mindful of waste and conserving their resources the better. Thank you Naples Community School!

Volunteers Harry, Eva and Kyri
Harry, Eva and Kyri all came to visit us this term and help out at school. We had a lot of fun with them. Harry assisted in the grade 3 class, Eva in the grade 4 class and Kyri in the grade 7 class.
‘Kyri came in July and he is 17 years old. We also learnt that Kyri is to be Head Boy at his school and so he was able to help us and share tips with our school student council. We learnt about things found in his country (England). He bought us oranges and we went to Simonga Village with him to show him how it looks like where we live. We miss Kyri very much.’ Helen Nawa G7
‘Teacher Eva came from Denmark. She teached us about the main colors which are blue, yellow and red and we learnt about drawings. In colors, we learnt that if you put red and yellow together it will make orange. If you put yellow and blue it will make green. If you put red and blue it will make like black. We liked our Art and English very much.’ Nickson G4
‘Harry came to our class (G3) which we were very happy about. He played games with us and did lessons for us too. He was very kind with us and we hope you will come back soon Harry and God bless you.’ Charles G3

Interhouse Athletics Competition!
"This term in July we had our annual Interhouse Athletics Competition. At Tujatane we have 3 school teams, Zambezi, Luangwa and Kafue. The overall winning team was Zambezi! With Luangwa in second and lastly Kafue. Me, I'm in Luangwa house and my friend Eunice is also Luangwa. Both this year and last year we came number two which is quite good. It was very exciting watching the school in running and egg races and jumping and more. Everybody had a special lunch and we had oranges and porridge. I love sports day. I love sports because it keeps me healthy and fit. They were many activities. I love my school very much because it's very fun and I'm very busy." By Mwangala G4
At Tujatane all of the children are involved in sports and encouraged to stay fit and healthy. With the help of the medical fund we are able to take the children to the doctor or visit the hospital if necessary when accidents happen. This term the medical fund has enabled us to send Amulet (G7) to hospital for an infection in his hand, Royd (Reception) had a close shave with the swing but fortunately it was not too serious! Chilala (G4) had a nasty skin infection on her legs but is now rash free. We also had our termly health day to get all the children seen to as well as the children and parents of the local community. To donate to the medical fund or get more info click here and for details of the food program click here

Tujatane meets The Blue School!
This term we had a teacher from 'The Blue School' in New York come on an exchange program to Tujatane. We were so lucky to be introduced to the Blue School who are passionate about creative learning and who embrace a child centered curriculum. The successful teacher was Mara Pauker and we have had such a wonderful time getting to know her and welcoming her to our school. Mara is a Pre-School level teacher in the USA and has been learning about what teaching and living in Zambia is like as well as inspiring our teachers with ideas and methods of her own. Due to Mara's experience with small children she worked closely with our youngest 3 grades. They have all had an absolutely wonderful time with Mara and are so sad not to have her here next term! We hope She comes back soon. One lucky Tujatane teacher is going to have the chance of working and teaching with Mara at the Blue School next year!
'Coming to Africa seemed overwhelming at first but as soon as arrived at Tujatane I felt welcomed and as though I were at home. I was most surprised by the independence of the children, coming from NY where the kids are so dependant upon the grownups. Many students at Tujatane walk long distances without assistance every day to get to school. I have been most moved by the children’s responses to receiving packages from their sponsors. The silent delight and celebrations that takes over their faces, it makes me realize just how important it is to continue supporting the school with such simple yet meaningful gestures as well as the sponsorship and donations that allow the school to run year on year and plan for the future of this community.'

For further insights and photos from Mara's last month at the school please visit her blog at www.marainzambia.blogspot.com and to find out more about sponsorship please look at the 'sponsorship' tab on the website or email Vanessa at vanessa@tongabezi.com for more info.

Rudy's Birthday!
"On July 19th we helped Rudy, the general manager from Tongabezi lodge, celebrate his birthday! The school decided we would have a surprise party to show Rudy how much we appreciate all the support he gives to the school and to make it an extra special day. The whole school gathered at the amphitheatre and got the stage ready with balloons and cards and kept as quiet as possible so he wouldn’t suspect!
When Rudy arrived at the school we all broke into song with 'Happy Birthday' and we did some dancing and the lodge staff also did some performances. It was really fun making the surprise. We gave Rudy a new shirt for his birthday and Mr. Ben Parker gave a speech to thank Rudy for all his hard work. He looked very happy, I think he had a great birthday."
G7 Class

Performing Arts!
"This term we had lots of performing arts as we had the Zambian NATAAZ Finals coming and we really wanted to defend our traditional dancing title from last year. We rehearsed 3 times a week after school the whole term and as a final dress rehearsal we did a public performance in Livingstone at the Hindu Hall with lots of guests and also another school called Maria Assumpta who are the National Champions in choir. There were people from the lodge and people from other schools as well as some people who had seen our posters. Everybody clapped and at the end they even joined in and came on stage! It was very funny."
"Before we left for the Finals of this years Competition we were very excited and we were all praying and hoping we would win again. The final was in Mumbwa which is a long way from Livingstone. We left on the Sunday and came back on the Thursday and our performance in dance was amazing. Everybody went silent as we came on and cheered so much when we finished. It felt really good. Unfortunately we came 2nd but everybody has told us that we should be happy, as even though it is not number 1 is still very good. We love performing arts club and we hope we can do the competition every year."
Performing Arts Group G4-7

Cards and Calendars on sale!
We hope everybody has received our recent notice that this years Christmas cards and the school 2011 Calendar are now on sale! The winning artists are Duncan Sakala, Isacc Moyo and Eric Misipili. Duncan actually got 2 of his designs in the final 4! We hope the cards will all sell as well as this year’s calendar. If you would like to see more details of the winning cards, prices, sizes, click here.

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