Term 2 2008 News
August 2009

Steve and Holly- Congratulations!
by Oliver Mutembekwa
UK based businessman Steve Lucas and his longlife partner Holly have decided to end their lengthy courtship with a star studded engagement which was set for May at Tujatane School.
Present as the couple's guest included Vanessa Parker, David the new manager, staff and pupils. The occasion was spiced by the Grade 6 class who put up a debate dubbed "This house believes that the institution of bride price within marriage is wrong".
After a gruelling debate between the girls and boys sides, the girls carried the day. Steve stood up to unveil the winning prize....to the amazement of Holly and the winners the word that appeared were "Dear Holly, will you marry me?", they laughed and Holly embraced Steve ,signalling the wish had come true and that she had accepted his proposal.

Words and Picture by Everisto, Grade 6
Steven and Holly visited our school and they made a party. It was a nice day. We had a debate on dowary. The boys were saying men should not pay dowary then the girls were saying dowary should continue. After the debate we went for a party at the amphitheatre.

Irish Girls visit the school for dancing delights
by Choolwe Moonja, Grade 1 teacher
It was on 30th May 2008 when we received the Irish guests. A performance was held at the amphitheatre. The Tutajane cultural group taught the Irish group a Zambian dance called Chingande. This dance is performed during the happy moments. The Irish also taught the Tujatane pupils an Irish dance. It was so exciting and interesting to witness this event.

June 2008- Sports Day for Tujatane
by Ceaser Munjile, Grade 5 teacher and Sports Facilitator
For the pupils and members of staff to be physically fit, there is a need to take an active part in sports. As members of staff at Tujatane Trust School, we thought of activity involving our pupils in athletics and field events. Hence, pupils were put into houses namely Zambezi, Kafue and Iuangwa.
Apart from the trophy and a certificate which was given to the house which carried the day,there were also individual prizes for the pupils who out ran others. That was for position one and two. These were given certificates, cap and sweets.
Pupils were fed to the fullest, they had drinks, fruits, sweets, snacks (jiggies), bread rolls and mincemeat.
In conclusion I would like to thank the Director, manager and all the members of staff for their support.

by Ruckeen, Grade 3
Friday 13th June 2008 was an important day for Tujatane pupils because it was our sports day. We jumped high jump, triple jump, long jump and ran races.

by Kamwi, Grade 5
I was very excited on that day because I was one of the winning members and I got a cap. The winning team ate some yogurt sweets.

Picture by Hellen, Grade 1

Nataaz Performing Arts Competition
by Sophie Masole
On 14th June 2008 the performing art and poetry group went for NAATAAZ in Livingstone town at Linda High School. Mr Sitondo the school manager, Sydney the performing art teacher, Iness and Sophie accompanied them. These children were competiting with the bigger schools but they managed to scoop the first position in traditional dancing and became second in poetry. Their performance was so good that the judges and audience cheered. The next round competition will be held at Mazabuka.

by Innocent, Grade 5
We went to Linda High School on 14th Junre in Livingstone. I was happy, and we performed well. There were 38 schools in Nataz and we came number 1.

Feeding Program
by Elizabeth Samba

I would like to say that pupils are able to work extra hard both inside and outside the classrooms for the afternoon activities. Both the teachers and pupils are very happy with this programme because they are at least intitled to a basic lunch. The menu is as follows- on Monday we normally have Nshima with eggs and cabbage , on Tuesday Nshima with Beans, Wednesday Nshima with eggs and cabbage, Thursday cabbage only and Friday Nshima with beans. Generally speaking, pupils are very happy with this programme. I thank Steve Lucas and other sponsors for assisting our school with the feeding programme. Hope that it will continue.
I prepare all the food for the pupils and staff to eat and the breakfast.

Sloan Art Competition
by Ireen, Grade 2 teacher
The Art Club members from Tongabezi Trust School and Simonga Basic School were asked by Sloan to hold a drawing competition from Tongabezi Trust School on 20th June 2008.
We had 36 participants altogether, 18 from Tongabezi Trust School and the other 18 from Simonga. We had 2 classes, one for Juniors and the other one for Seniors.
Gill Zulu and Agness were invited to be the judges. Gill and Agness are both Zambian artists. From the Junior class the pupils from Simonga took the first and third positions, the Tongabezi took the second position by Spencer Moono, a grade 3 pupil. From the senior class Simonga took all the three positions.
The competition was not all about winning but opportunity for the children from the two different schools to interact and exchange ideas.
The day ended with a wonderful trip to the Victoria Falls. All the children from both Schools and the art teachers went together with Sloan and his wife and niece. The children enjoyed themselves very much.

Words and Picture by Duncan, Grade 5
I was happy because we were doing Art competition Tujatane vs Simonga. We started at 11.15 hrs and stopped at 12.15 hrs. When we stopped we went to the gate and wait for the bus. And it came and took us to the falls. We ate pie and a bottle of drink after eating we watched Monkeys and Zebras. Then we went to the falls and we saw the fall and we went through knife bridge.

by Helen Nawa, Grade 5
Hi, my name is Helen Nawa. I am 9 years old I am in grade 5. I was happy when we reached the Victoria Falls. I ate a pie and chicken and a bottle. After eating we went to the Falls and I was very happy we saw monkeys and we went on the bridge and it was raining there.

Reading Programme
by Maliki , Grade 6
On 27th June 2008 we had a reading programme at school. It was very interesting on that day, we listened to different stories from different people. At the end of the programme each of the readers went home.

by Sonia, Grade 6
On Friday there was a reading programme. There were three houses, Kafue, Zambezi and Iuangwa. They brought prizes for the best readers.

by Caroline, Grade 6
Last week on 27th June 2008 we had a reading programme. They were three houses, Iuangwa, Zambezi and Kafue. I felt nice and I wish that next time I will be the one who will be reading to the school.

Words and Picture by Everisto, Grade 6
'Reading Programme in the library'
I would like to thank the management for opening the library for us. Because I am one of the pupils who like to read. I read twice a week. Sometimes I get books from the library to read at home. I have really enjoyed the reading. I would like to thank the school management once again.

New tables from Claire Brown and her wedding guests!
We had a kind donation this term from Claire Brown- she had requested that all her wedding guests donated money to put towards Tujatane School. We have put this money to fantastic use for new tables for our PreSchool/ Reception Classroom. As you can see from our photo they are greatly appreciated and we thank Claire and all her wedding guests for their generosity.

Music at Tujatane- 19th June 2008
by Sophie
The Music Pupils had a performance at the ampthitheatre at 14 hours to 15:30 hours. Guests from town, Tongabezi Lodge and parents were invited. The performance was very good, the guests were very happy to see how the children performed. They really showed their talents in music. Mr Mike Zulu the music teacher and Sydney Himwiita organised the performance.

by Bright, Grade 6
Yesterday we enjoyed the day and it was nice that the visitors enjoyed the real day. We had music programme and performing art programme. The Music Programme had Songs like Ndindo, We are one, Bayebe Nkosi and Ive a dream and the performing art programme ,Seesa, Chingande, Chinamwate and Mansabe.

by Caroline, Grade 6
Yesterday we had a music programme. We had some visitors and we invited our parents. We sang songs and we danced. It was nice and good. Everyone was happy. Our parents danced.

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