Let's Roll Let's Roll

How We Roll

We are going to show you great adventure routes for those who love to travel. Africa has an abundance of areas to be discovered and we want to help you experience them yourself. Logistics and communication are generally the main deterrents for the best places and we seek to be by your side ensuring you can relax and have the most fun possible seeing and doing the things that interest you.


Light aircraft charter is expensive and exploration through traditional travel channels limited.  How much more fun it would be to customize your own tracks in a capable 4x4 vehicle that is yours for the trip.  We will guide you along roads that require local knowledge, using GPS technologies and offer SOS support through your 'safari skipper'.

+Safari Skipper

When you are in places that demand local knowledge, it is best to have a team member who knows the area and understands your interests and experience.   The safari skipper actually has a really cool job, being in the background of your tour and briefing you when required.   More challenging experiences like border crossings and vehicle recovery are easy when you have your safari skipper on call.

Let's Roll
+Trip Lengths

Each trip we develop must start and end at a flight node that allows for easy connection to your adventure.  We recommend a minimum number of nights that you spend on your trip, but are able to extend along the way if you find you have more time.

As an example, the KZN - MOZ trips must be a minimum of 7 nights, provided we can meet you at the airport before 10 a.m. on the day of departure.  We try to be flexible so that your needs, interests and your budget are considered.   These trips will run north or south depending on availability.

Holiday Trip
+Arrival & Departure

You will be advised of availability when booking your trip with Let’s Roll. As an example, for the KZN - MOZ experience, your dates may well suit an arrival in Maputo, Mozambique with a south bound trip ending in King Shaka airport, South Africa.  Others will work in reverse.

+How do you roll?

It is important that we understand your preferences and to this end we will send you a form that will be as lightweight as possible to ensure that your route and itinerary are best suited to your interests. You may be more interested in seeing wildlife than catching that amazing wave.


Your safari skipper will be fully informed of your route and interests and will be in the background to advise on restaurants, activities and to provide great ideas on what to do.   At no time will you be expected to follow the crowd.   An example would be to arrange a beach barbecue, or perhaps you would prefer to spend a quiet night looking for loggerhead turtles.

+What ages?

We do not want to put an exact age restriction on the tours, but they are aimed mainly at young, tech savvy professionals. There will be electronic aids to help you navigate and communicate in remote areas.   But if you enjoy travel and have an adventurous spirit, you are very welcome.


We are using the Suzuki Jimny – amazing in tough conditions, easy to drive and easy to recover when stuck.   We have adapted the cars and taken out the back seats to accommodate your luggage and a small fridge.


Depending on your itinerary we will choose a cross-section of accommodation: from self-catering cabins and beach houses, to fully catered and activity inclusive lodges.  When you have confirmed a trip date with us, we make all the arrangements.

Overland Safari
+What to budget for?

Each trip will include guideline on how much to budget for.  While rolling you will pay for visas, national park fees, fuel, food shopping, restaurants and activities.  Most places accept credit cards.