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WildWeb has been at the forefront of professional website development for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on bespoke website creation with a high level of support. Quality and long term relationships are a high priority; short term cheap solutions are not the type of business to which we are suited. The WildWeb team has the resources to offer any level of development; our portfolio includes some of South Africa's top agencies and exclusive private safari lodges throughout southern Africa.

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Liquid Giraffe: A Website Redesign
Liquid Giraffe: A Website Redesign Web design is a fast changing industry. By the time you finish that sentence, there has been something new welcomed into the timeless industry. From aesthetics to functionality, websites should be renewed every so often (we recommend every 2 years) to add the necessary TLC the industry calls for. read more

Meet Getting Stamped- USA Travel Blogging Couple
Meet Getting Stamped- USA Travel Blogging Couple Life is in session! There is no better couple to let us know than Hannah and Adam, a travel blogging couple, more commonly known in the industry as Getting Stamped . They’ve been on the road for 608 days, visited 47 countries, toured 156 cities, and slept in over 200 beds. read more

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